Biography of John Daniel Meese

Who's Who in Pennsylvania, A biographical Dictionary of Contemporaries
Edited by John W. Leonard; Second Edition, 1908; Page 475

MEESE, John Daniel: Professor of English; born in Elk Lick, Pa., April 21, 1864; son of Daniel C. Meese and Susan (Engle) Meese. He was educated in the Edinboro State Normal School, Washington and Jefferson College, and Mt. Union College, from which he received the degrees of Ph. B. and M. Ph., also received the honorary degree of A. M. from Franklin and Marshall College, and Litt. D. from Heidelberg University, Ohio. He married in Meyersdale, Pa., 1879, Lillian Dom, and they have two children: Hugh Parker, born in 1885, and Sara Helen, born in 1889. He was principal of Meyersdale public schools to 1882, Great Bend Hish Schook, principal in 1883; became organizer and principal of Meyersdale, Pa., preparatory school in 1884; head of the Department of English in the South Western State Normal School, California, Pa., 1894, and is now also its treasurer. He has been editor of the Normal Review, since 1894, and is author of Facts in Literature, 1890; and Exercises in English, 1906. He is a Democrat in politics, and a member of the Reformed Church; member of the Masonic Order, past master of Knights of Pythias, member of the Lodge of Perfection of Uniontown, Schoolmaster's Club of Pittsburgh, and Century Club of California, Pa. Address: California, Pa.

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