Biography of Philip Kaphart, M. D.

PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD, Berrien and Cass Counties, Michigan
Biographical Publishing Co., 1893
Page 771

PHILIP KEPHART, M. D., late of Berrien Springs, was born in Carroll County, Md., on the 30th of January, 1807. He was the son of David Kephart. an early settler of Maryland, of German descent, and a man of sterling virtues and indomitable energy, who lived and died on the old homestead of his father. The mother of our subject was Margaret, daughter of Philip Reister, of Reisterstown, Md., and of direct German extraction. The subject of this sketch enjoyed excellent opportunities for acquiring an education, advantages far superior to those of the majority of boys in that day. He studied for some time in a private school and later entered Garrison Forest Academy, where he conducted his literary studies for some time.

Having chosen the profession of a physician, our subject entered the Baltimore Medical College and pursued his studies there until his graduation in 1833. After practicing in Baltimore for a short time, he opened an office for the practice of his profession in Memphis, Tenn., and subsequently became a general practitioner in Somerset County, Pa. While there he formed the acquaintance of a young lady named Susan Kimmel, who was attending school in Somerset. As she became his wife on the 2d of September, 1840, some mention of her parentage and life will be of interest to our readers.

Born in Somerset County, Pa., in 1822, Susan Kimmel was a child of eleven years when, in 1833, she accompanied her parents, George and Mary (Lobengire) Kimmel, to the new home in Michigan. Mr. Kimmel had come to this State as early as 1829, and pre-empted land, entering ten thousand acres in what is now Oronoko Township. Thither he brought his family and established a home in the unsettled part of the State, clearing the land and devoting his energies to the tilling of the soil. Desirous of giving his daughter better advantages than were afforded in that newly-settled country, he sent her back to the old Pennsylvania home to attend the school there.

After the Doctor's marriage he carried on a general practice in Somerset County, Pa., for one year, and thence came to Berrien Springs, Mich., where he remained until death terminated his career. He was actively identified with the progress of this village and contributed to its material advancement. His death occurred on the 23d of September. 1880, at which time it was recognized that a public-spirited citizen, skillful physician and upright man had been removed from the community, and his fellow-citizens joined with the immediate relatives in mourning his loss. He had been actively interested in the organization of the Republican party, and was one of its firm upholders to the day of his death.

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