Will of Sarah Bestwick 


The last Will and Testament of Sarah Bestwick of the Township of Worth in the County of Mercer and State of Pennsylvania. I Sarah Bestwick considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory. Do make and publish this my Last Will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say), I will that all my just debts as shall be by me owing at my Death, together with my funeral expences shall in the first place out of the personal Estate and effects be fully paid and satisfied and from and after payment theirof and Subject theirunto, Then my Will is Listed that if my Father Shall out live me, I will and bequeath all my Property with my Two Farms and all my Coal rights to him. Subject to  paying Martha M. Arnold (word looks like bepark) the sum of Three Hundred Dollars out of Personal Effects if so much shall remain after paying my just Degts and funeral Expences, and if not as Soon theirafter as there is a Sale made and money to pay her. To have and to hold his Life time, otherwises If I shall out live hime I then I will and bequeath that Martha M. Arnold be paid the sum of Three Hundred Dollars out of my personal Effects, Excepting my Houshold Effects which I Will and Bequeath to my Sister Jane Brigham, if So much Shall remain after paying my Just Debts and funeral Expences if not as soon as there is Sale made and Money to pay her, and further I will that my Real Estate With my Coal Rights Shall not be Sold for the Space of Two years after my Death or after the Death of Either of us, and not then without all my heirs that are mentioned this my Will are agreed, and further I will that all my Real Estate and Personal Property if any Personal Property Shall remain after fulfuling the aforgoing bequeaths Shall be Divided into Six Equal Shares.

Item first one Share to my Sister Hannah Brasington now in England, Item Second One Share To my Sister Jane Brigham, Item Third one Share to my Sister Ester Clawson Item fourth one Share to my Brother James Bestwick Item Fifth one Share to my Brother John Bestwick. Item Sixth one Share Equally Divided between my two Nephews Thomas and Henry Fisher.

And further I will that if any one or more of those my heirs above mentioned Shall Demur or cause and Distrurbance in this my Said Will, he She or They Shall not Receive But one Dollar of Said Share, and Balance of Said Share or Share, Shall be Equally Divided Amongst the other heirs abiding by this my Said Will, and I make and ordain Jams Bestwick, John Bestwick and George Brigham my Exeurtors of this my last Will and testament and lastley my Exprefs will and meanins is and I do hereby order and appoint that if my Differenc disputed question or controversy Shall be moved arise, or happen concerning any gift or bequest in this my will given and bequeathed exprefs or contained that then no Suit in law or equity, or otherwise, Shall be brought, commenced or prosecuted, for and concerning the Same but the Same Shall be referred wholly to the award, order and determination of my frinds Thomas Vornam and Jackson Zahniser both of Jackson Township, Mercer County and what they Shall order therein, Shall be binding and conclusive to all and Every person concerned, I witness where of I Sarah Bestwick Hereunto the year.

Witness J. B. Limber
Present David Huey              Sarah Bestwick (SEAL)
Samuel Huey

[Sarah Bestwick was the daughter of James Bestwick, Sr.

(Source: Submitted by Nancy Wark)

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