Will of Henry Fetterolf 

The Will of Henry Fetterolf

In the Name of God Amen.  I, Henry Fetteroff of Mill Creek Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania being well but wishing to arrange all my business in due time.

Do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following to wit-

1.    I hereby commend my soul to God my Creator and direct my body to be buried in a Christian manner.

2.    I hereby will and bequeath to my Dear wife Mary for and during her lifetime my house and lot in the village of New Lebanon, Mercer County.  Also, all my household and kitchen furniture beds and bedding. Also, all my cows and bees and everything in my house at my death.  Also the annual sum of one hundred and forty dollars coming from my sons David and Jacob.

3.    At the death of my said wife, Mary, I hereby will and bequeath the above named house and lot and all the personal property above mentioned to Samuel Fetterolf, Lydia Marstellar, David Fetteroff, Jacob Fetterolf, and Laura Eemeline Fetterolf/ff share and share alike to be divided among them at my wife's death.  This to include any unpaid or unexpended money coming from my sons David and Jacob Fetterolf on rent.

4th  I hereby will and bequeath to my sons David and Jacob Fetterolf my farm situated in Mill Creek Township Mercer Co. bounded north by land of Andrew Weider, East by land of Jacob Grove and others South by land of James Muse and others and West by William Dean and others.  To have and hold the Same to them their heirs and assignees forever.  Subject however to the payment of the following Sums of money and to the following named persons.  To the testator Henry Fetterolf and to his wife Mary and to the survivors of them the annual sum of one hundred and thirty dollars.  Commencing April 1860 and then after the death of the Survivor of said parties to pay to Mary Elizabeth Livingston my grand daughter the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars payable when she arrives at the age of twenty one years.

To Samuel Fetteroff - Lydia Marstellar and Laura Eemiline Fetterolf each the sum of five hundred and ninety dollars payable one hundred dollars to each one of the age of twenty one, one year after the death of myself and wife and there so on annually one hundred dollars to each till all is paid and said Legacies to bear interest in favor of all the Legatees from the death of myself and wife till paid and any money paid by David and Jacob to any of the above named legatees before it is due under this will shall bear interest in favor of said David and Jacob till due.  The above named legacies shall be a charge and in lien on said farm till paid and shall be paid equally by said David and Jacob Fetterolf my sons. 

   I hereby nominate and appoint Samuel Fetterolf my son executor of this my last will and testament with ample and full power after the death of myself and wife to sell and dispose of my house and lot in New Lebanon for the purpose of dividing proceeds according to the forgoing devise and further in all things to carry out and fulfil all the provisions of this will

                                                  For witness whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal this 28th day of (month illegible in both the will and recorded will) A.D. 1861. 

John Peters
James A. Leech

(The above signature was copied from the copy of the original will.  I believe it to be Henry Fetterolf's signature.  I know of no case where he used his first name.)

(Source: Submitted by Gary Fetterolf)

Submitter's Note:  (About the spelling of the surname. The copy of the original will uses Fetterolf and Fetteroff interchangeably throughout the document.  In places, one spelling is corrected by the other, and one can't tell which is preferred.  The recorded copy uses Fetteroff in all cases.  Henry's signature on the original copy is "olf" while it is "off" on the recorded copy and in the hand of the person recording the remainder of the document.)  I have attempted to be faithful to the original document as far as it can be read.  The confusion of the spelling of the surname still reigns in my generation.  The gold lettering on the Bible given to my wife and me by her church ends in "off" while my family and I have always used "olf."

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