Will of Edward McDowell

In the name of God, Amen. I  Edward McDowell, of the County of Mercer and State of Pennsylvania being in a sick and low condition of body but of perfect memory do make constitute and appoint this my last will and testiment in manner following (something undreadable - initials maybe?) First in full reliance(?) on and saving interest in Jesus Christ I commit my soul to him to forgive(?) it and my body to the dust from which it came in full reliance(?) of being reared up again at the Great and final Day of Judgement
Item: I gave and bequith unto my daughter Mary Kerns twenty seven dollars it being a note of hand I have on a certain James Wilson(?-hard to read) due on the first day of May one thousand Eight Hundred and Eight
Item: To my eldest son John McDowell I give the sum of sixty six dollars sixty seven cents it being half of a note I have on a certain course(?) due the first day of May Eighteen Hundred and fourteen.
Item: To my son Robert McDowell I give the end of the farm I now live on and the division line between him and my son Samuel is to take direction by a fence which is to be made along the upper side of Samuel's corn which he has now in the ground.
Item: To my son Samuel McDowell I bequith the west end of the aforesaid where he now lives from the aforesaid line between him and Robert he Samuel to have the west end of the tract and Robert the east end Likewise I bequith to Samuel my Rifle gun.
Item: To my son George McDowell I give and bequith the sum of three hundred and thrity three dollars and thirty three cents to be paid to him when the note comes due on a certain course (?) the first note due the first of May 1811 for fifty pounds one note on ditto for fifty pounds due first of May 1813 and one half of note due the first day of May 1814 on the 2nd (?) course the other half having bequithed to my son John likewise my horse (?) and seven yards of thick cloth.
Item: To my little granddaughter Peggy McDowell I leave and bequith my bed and bed clothes as they now are, likewise a large kettle, 8 small pots, two pewter dishes, a beason (?), and six pewter plates, a copper tea kettle, a sugar bowl, a set of tea cups, and leatchel (?)
And I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Robert McDowell executor of this my last will and testiment he is to give to the other *******[can't read] the notes mentioned to each of them which they are to collect for themselves and he Robert is to collect the notes I have appointed to pay for the land of Gillman and to make even to Samuel a deed in fee simple for his part of the land when he recieves the same from Gilman Given under my hand seal this 10th day of September 1805.

Edward McDowell (seal)

Witnes Presant:
John Dunlap
****** McDowell [can't read 1st name]

*Recorded 4 January 1811*

(Source: Submitted by Jan McDowell)

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