Will of John Thompson 

In the name of God Amen.  I John Thompson of Sandy Creek Township, Mercer County and the State of Pennsylvania being desirous of having my worldly matters arranged whilst I have the strength of body and mind so to do make and publish this my last will and testament as follows:

 Furst it is my desire that all my lawful debts be paid by David out of the share that he gets.  And in the 2nd. place I will and bequeath to my wife Mary Ann her choice of the two rooms of the house as long as she wishes to live on this farm, and one cow and four sheep, also all the household furniture and kitchen furniture together with the beds and bedding the cow and sheep to be kept for her by David without charge and furthermore I allow her the buggy and harness belonging there to and David is to furnish a sufficient quantity of wood for one fire and give her a comfortable maintenance or pay at a reasonable rate therefor in case he refuses or neglects to do so.  The buggy is to go to Moses and David at the decease of my wife and the old gray mare I give to my wife and daughters jointly as long as they live together and it is my desire that Polly Jane, Mariah, Emiline and Synthia Thompson have a home with their mother as long as she live.  And Polly is to get of David and Moses five dollars yearly out of the store or some other property that she may need and to my daughters that are single I bequeath one hundred and thirty acres of Pine lot of land and also that lot of land I own near George Sheaklys farm to be equally distributed among them and to Mariah, Emmaline and Synthia I will each of them a decent side saddle to be paid for out of the stock that I shall hereafter will to David when they come of age the land to be sold at anytime that a majority of them agree there to.  Also I will to the girls one cow and five sheep to be their joint property as long as they live single or unmarried which is to be kept by David without charge or cost to them.  These are to be taken also out of the present stock on the farm and when they get married or come of age I allow David to give each of them one cow and three sheep and I do further will to them the loom and appurtenances there to belonging all aforesaid articles and gifts are to go to the surviving sisters in case any of them shall die without having heirs of their own.  I also bequeath to Moses fifty acres with the allowance of the east side of the land that I live on beginning at the south line near the school house thence north through the improvements thence west for enough to make the above described piece of land by running North to Roberts line and the balance I bequeath to David for which he is to do and perform to his mother and sisters as before specified and I further will to Moses and David each one mare and forty acres of the Pine lot land between them where the timber is the other part having been given to the girls by me as above and further I will to Moses and David jointly my wagon farming utensils and windmill and they are to sow a half bushel of Flaxseed each year for the girls as long as they remain at home and single the girls are to furnish the seed and further I will to David all my horses, cattle, sheep and hogs not here to for enumerated except the wool of the years growth.  My wife and girls to get to furnish themselves with some necessaries that they want and they are to get half the garden and use of the spring and I further will and bequeath to my son Robert all that parcel or piece of land surveyed by John Sheakley containing sixty acres with the allowance and in case of any difficulty between any of the legatees with regard to the division of the property then in that case it is my will that each of them choose an arbitrator and submit the matter to them and their decision to be final.  In witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand this fifteenth day of Feb. 1848.

    s/ John Thompson,  Benjamin Thompson,  C Montgomery  

Submitted by Bob Steinbach, given to him by his great-aunt, Martha May McDowell.

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