Revolutionary War

Revolutionary Patriots Who Settled in Mercer County

(Source: History of Northwestern Pennsylvania, pg. 431)
Benjamin Stokely, John Carmichael; Peter Wilson, in 1797
William Gill; Daniel Harper, in 1797

Captain William Findley, in 1799
William Egdert, in 1800
Godfrey Carnes, in 1801
Benjamin Kaster, in 1802
Jacob Junkin, in 1806
Captain Samuel Quinby,  in 1808
Captain James Duncan, William Simonton, David Hayes, Captain Abraham DeForest; Joshua Cook, James Young, Mr. Dumars, Christopher Irwin, Samuel Waldron, John Perry, William Dougherty, Captain Cyrus Beckwith, Archibald Titus, Garrett Cronk, William Nickle, Captain John Elliott;  John Morford, William McCalimans

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