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Hickory - Hermitage PA

Rt. 418, 1/10 mile South of Rt. 62 bypass

Moorfield Church and Cemetery. - - Moorfield Cemetery was originally laid out around old Moorfield hewed-log church, as early as 1808.  Samuel Stokely, who owned large tracts of land in the vicinity, donated five acres for a church and burying-ground.  The first ruling elders were:  William Welch, William Campbell and John Moore.  The church and cemetery were named after the latter gentleman, who settled about 1800, on the State road, a little east of "Hickory Corners."  This church was first located at what is know as the "old stone still-house," at what is known as the Strawbridge coal bank, as early as 1802.

The old cemetery was not laid out with any particular regard to regularity and interments were made as suited the fancy of the friends.  For many years, the ground was in a rather neglected condition.

On the 18th of April 1853, the "Moorfield Cemetery Association" was chartered by the Legislature.  The original corporators were:  Hon. M.C. Trout, president; James Campbell, secretary, J. B. Haren, Hugh Love, J.W. Ormsby, John Welch, Andrew Schilling, Henry Hofius, Esq., Rev. James Satterfield, General James Peirce [Pierce] and Benjamin Love.

The ground was re-surveyed and platted in April, 1874.

The present officers [1877] are:  Hon. David Robison, president; G. C. Hofius, secretary; J. S. Trout, treasurer; John Welch, Andrew Shilling, and James Satterfield.

This old burying-place is among the very oldest and most noted in Mercer County, particularly on account of the very old people and prominent pioneers who are interred here.

Source: History of Mercer County, 1877; pgs. 45 - 46

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