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Hickory - Hermitage PA

Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


HANN, Christopher 14 Aug 1814 Sussex County, NJ 29 Dec 1886

Hickory Twp, Mercer County


 Married to Sarah Trout Hann; buried in Section 1, Row 15, Grave 5

Kenneth C. Werden Jr. 

HANN, Elizabeth ROOF 26 Nov 1783 NJ 26 Oct 1874 Hickory Township buried in section 1, Row 15, Grave 1

Kenneth C. Werden Jr.

HANN, Jacob 6 Dec 1783 NJ 8 Oct 1874 Hickory Township

buried in section 1, Row 15, Grave 2

Kenneth C. Werden Jr.

HANN, Sarah H. TROUT 15 Jun 1819 Hickory Twp, Mercer County 16 Jun 1899

West Middlesex


Wife of Christopher Hann; buried in Section 1, Row 15, Grave 6

Kenneth C. Werden Jr.



4 Sept 1911


Age 16

HAUN, Jacob

92 years

HAUN, (Mrs. Jacob)

HAYS, David

80 years

HAYS, Mary

99 years, wife of David Hays

HAYWOOD, William

HAYWOOD, (Mrs. William)

HERRIOTT, Nathaniel

HERRIOTT, (Mrs. Nathaniel)

 HOFFMAN, Jacob 3 May 1916

at home, Hickory Township

aged 72 years, father of John, Fred, William and Jacob Hoffman, Mrs. Chris Dresch and Mrs. Thomas Carlin
HOFIUS, Henry, Esq. 31 Mar 1779 Washington Co., PA 10 Nov 1866  Hickory Twp


Paul V. Hofius

HOFIUS, Jane CLARK 20 Jul 1779 Westmoreland Co., PA 8 Oct 1870 Hickory Twp wife of George Hofius, Sr.

Paul V. Hofius

HOFIUS, Paul Henry

 15 Jul 1889  Meadville, Crawford Co., PA 18 Apr 1964  Sharpsville 

Paul V. Hofius


12 Aug 1894  Wood Green N22, London, England  5 Apr 1981  Sharpsville   wife of Paul Henry Hofius

Paul V. Hofius

 HOFFMAN, Jacob  abt 1842   3 May 1918

Hickory Township,

 lived in and around Sharon for 62 years
HUNTER, Priestly  1881   Jun 1952   lived in Farrell


7 Sept 1997

San Francisco

66 years

LOVE, Benjamin

91 years

LOVE, (Mrs. Benjamin)

80 years

MORGAN, William

11 Mar 1860 

Ponty Pool, Wales 12 Nov 1851  Farrell

91 years, son of William and Elizabeth Davis Morgan
MARTIN, Louise "Sue" HENRY 30 Aug 1924 Clearfield, PA Aug 1952 daughter of Annis and Charles Henry, sister of Helen Petway


Geraldine Moyer daughter

MOYER, Nancy HAYS 1812 1895 Wife of Charles Moyer

Natalie Dosch

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