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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


DONLEY, Ellen REDMOND ADAMS 5 Jan 1888  9 Dec 1956  daughter of John Nelson Redmond and Nellie Jones Redmond; wife of John Quincy Adams and Joseph Donley 

Pamela L. Palmer,

great  grand daughter

EBBERT, Peter H. Civil War Veteran
FLEMING, May Agnes NICKLE 21 Nov 1873  13 Oct 1932   wife of Charles Dight Fleming, mother of three,

Anita Coulson Barker

FLICKINGER, George E. 27 Jan 1893  22 Feb 1960   
FLICKINGER, Jessie 10 May 1895  14 Aug 1977 

daughter of John Nelson Redmond and Nellie Jones Redmond

FURY/FUREY, James Monroe 1841  7 Mar 1915   Civil War Veteran; son of John and Phoebe Hawk Fury/Furey; married Sarah Jane Delong

Pamela L. Palmer,

great great grand daughter

FURY/FUREY, Sarah Jane DELONG abt 1839 3 Aug 1916 Daughter of Francis and Sarah Ann Armstrong Delong; wife of James Monroe Fury/Furey

Pamela L. Palmer,

great great grand daughter

GIEBNER, Sara E. RICHARDS 1887 1937

wife of W. A. Giebner

GRAHAM, Frank F. 1832 1897  

GREGGS, David E. 9 Jan 1938 29 Apr 2000 married to Betty L. Knight Greggs (the daughter of Ralph and Ada Knight)

Charlene Daugherty

GREGORY, Robert Eugene 15 Nov 1923 Mercer, PA, 4 Jul 1987 heart attack son of Howard "Tony" Gregory and Elizabeth Hughes Gregory, Basketball & drama club at Mercer High, student Council at Grove City College, JP from Univ of Pittsburgh, Served USMC-R in WWII in the South Pacific, father of 4
GRIEVE, Joseph A. 1898  1975 

World War I Veteran