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Armour, John B.1824Pennsylvania29 Sep 1907Mercer, PA
Bahan, James18219 Apr 1900Mercer, PA
Clingan, Samuel 1816 5 Aug 1886 Coolspring Twp, Mercer Co., PA Samuel is said to have been the most comical and distinguished inmate ever admitted. Entry: "Cute, cunning and comical, yet very simple." (Hist of Mercer Co.)
Davis, JohnJohn, a Welshman and an old inmate of the County Home, was  aged 83 in 1888. The History of Mercer County, PA reports he was one of the oldest puddlers in the U.S. and began his trade in 1819. Per Wikipedia, a puddler is an occupation in iron manufacturing. Puddling was a process to convert pig iron into wrought iron with the use of a reverberatory furnace.
Dunn, James18195 Aug 1901
Eaton, Charles
18297 Feb 1916Coolspring Twp, Mercer Co., PA
Fath, Elizabeth (Benger)16 Oct 1836Austria26 Jul 1933Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Greggs, John1835Ireland16 Aug 1909Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Hager, David18271 Jun 1900
Hartsuff, HarrietHarriet, from Sandy Lake, was one of the first 14 inmates at thte county home who were received Jan 4, 1853. County Home notes describer her: "The cords and ligaments of her legs are contracted or stiffened so that she cannot walk. She is intelligent and cheerful. 18 yrs old."
Hilliard, Mrs. Melinda13 Jun 1790near Albany, NYunknownIn 1888, the History of Mercer County, PA book reports Melinda was an inmate at the home and also the oldest person in the county. She was 99 yrs. old.
Ivansirvig, Charles189427 Mar 1923
Jewett, Mary185322 Dec 1898Mary, from Hickory Twp., was one of the first 14 inmates at the county home who were received Jan 4, 1853.  County Home notes describe her: "15 yrs of age, entirely simple, has many traits of the snake, bites herself and is very vicious."
Kramer, Christ182928 Nov 1908Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Loutzenhiser, Jacob18379 Feb 1907Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
McGuinn, Jane180015 Jun 1897
Mitchell, Minerva181318 Nov 1886Minerva was the 1st inmate registered at the county home. From Delaware Twp, she was 40 at the time and nearly blind. (Hist of Mercer Co.)
Nelson, Mary182919 Nov 1899
Perry, John18055 Oct 1897
Quinby, Jessie1851Sharon, Mercer Co., PA18 Sep 1916Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Roberts, Rebecca182714 Feb 1915Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Schumaker, MichaelMarch 1821Germany6 Apr 1903Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Thomas, LewisAug 1838Wales1 Mar 1922Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Uditt, James15 Dec 1869Croatia11 Mar 1944Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PADeath Cert states he was born in Jugoslavia
Vaughn, John27 Dec 1833Wales27 Jul 1919Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Woolsey, Alexander184328 Jul 1924Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., PA
Young, Lydia (Johnson)14 Jan 184919 Mar 1934wife of Perry Young
Zinkovich, ThomasJun 18687 Oct 1935

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