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Coolspring Church Cemetery


Fairview Township


Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


CRAIG, Henry 7 Nov 1829 22 Oct 1830     son of James & Elizabeth Hastings Craig

Victoria Cripps- Sauer

HAMILTON, James Monroe 26 Jan 1845 Mercer County 22 Jan 1899 Corry, Erie Co., PA

Nanci Hamilton Gerhards

MC CULLOUGH, Elizabeth BROMLEY 2 Jan 1813 England 13 Sept 1881 Mercer County Wife of Leonard D. McCullough; daughter of  John Bromley, Sr. and Frances Holmes Bromley  

Beth Rollinson

MARTZALL, Sarah MILLS 1840 Mercer County  1880
MILLS, Ellen   Mercer County
MILLS, Joseph 1821 1841
MILLS, Mary 1804 Ireland 1880 Perry Township, Mercer County
MILLS, Robert 1792 Tyrone, England 1868 Greenville
MILLS, Sarah 1840 1880
MILLS, William 1830 1856

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