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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


LEVINE, Julianne ROSENBLUM 13 Oct 1923 Sharon 24 Aug 1977  Sharon Wife of Joseph Levine, daughter of Oscar Ben and Myrtle Rosenblum   Routman website
LEVINE, Joseph 1920 Sharon 1968  Sharon Married Julianne Rosenblum Routman website
RABB, Elliot Thomas 24 May 1898 19 May 1957 his wife, Ida Feuer [Walterman] died 24 July 2002 & is buried in Miami, FL

Gerald Ellison Rabb, son

ROSENBLUM, Myrtle ROUTMAN 19 Jul 1901 Sharon 27 Oct 1987  Sharon  Wife of Oscar Ben Rosenblum; daughter of Frank and Sarah Bialosky Routman   Routman website
ROSENBLUM, Oscar Ben 2 Aug 1897 Sharon Feb 1983 Sharon Married Myrtle Routman  Routman website
ROUTH, Henry 12 Jul 1908 Farrell May 1970 Sharon Routman website
ROUTH, Melbourne A. 1902 1968
ROUTMAN, Abraham 12 Nov 1908 Sharon 22 Jun 1962 Rochester, NY Son of Harry and Jennie Bialowsky Routman; Married Trellis Epstein Routman website
ROUTMAN, Alec 27 Jul 1889 Sharon 6 May 1966 Sharon Married Bessie Levine Routman website
ROUTMAN, Alex George 3 Feb 1970 Sharon 14 Jun 1971  Sharon Routman website
ROUTMAN, Bessie LEVINE 4 Mar 1894 New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA 27 Aug 1968 Wife of Alec Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Benjamin 23 Feb 1882 Lithuania (Russia) 1967 Sharon Son of Joseph and Jennie Routman, married Mary Rosenberg Routman website
ROUTMAN, David  Sept 1910 Sharon 21 Jan 2000 Sharon Routman website
ROUTMAN, Edna NEUMAN 26 Mar 1910 Cleveland, OH 7 Jul 1997 Sharon Wife of Walter Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Frank 1875 Lithuania (Russia) 1921  Sharon Oldest son of Joseph and Jennie Routman; married Sarah Bialonsky Routman website
ROUTMAN, Geraldine CAPLAN 4 Apr 1902 Ellwood City, PA 2 Mar 1994 Sharon Wife of Nathan Routman, daughter of Harry and Francis Miller Caplan Routman website
ROUTMAN, Gilbert 1 May 1917 Sharon 9 Apr 1973 Sharon Routman website
ROUTMAN, Harris 1861 1946 Lived in Sharon, immigrated from Russia in 1903; married to Rosa Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Harry 23 Jan 1879 Lithuania (Russia) 7 Mar 1969 Had Grocery Store on Sharpsville Ave in Sharon; married Jennie Bialosky Routman website
ROUTMAN, Helen D. 1910 1972
ROUTMAN, Henry 1860 Russia 1947 Sharon Married to Rose Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Irvine 8 Dec 1906 Sharon 17 Dec 1974 Sharon Routman website
ROUTMAN, Jennie BIALOSKY 28 Oct 1880   27 Oct 1960   Wife of Harry Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Jennie SCHNEIDER 1850 Lithuania (Russia) 1930 Sharon Wife of Joseph Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Joseph 1850 Lithuania (Russia) 1 Apr 1929 Sharon Married to Jennie Schneider Routman website
ROUTMAN, Louis 1856   1934 Sharon Married to Mina Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Louis 21 Feb 1886 Vilna, Russia 1973 Sharon Son of Harris and Rosa Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Meyer J. 1857 Russia 1934 Sharon Routman website
ROUTMAN, Mina 1858 Lithuania (Russia) 1935 Sharon Wife of Louis Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Nathan 1904 Sharon 21 Feb 1974 Sharon Married Geraldine Caplan Routman website
ROUTMAN, Rose G. 1865 Russia 1932 Sharon Wife of Henry Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Samuel L. 1895 1962
ROUTMAN, Sarah BIALOSKY 1871 Cleveland, OH 1931 Sharon Wife of Frank Routman Routman website
ROUTMAN, Walter 1910 Sharon 29 Jul 1983 Sharon Married to Edna Neuman Routman Routman website
SCHERMER, Emanuel 11 May 1914 Farrell 2 Sept 1981 Sharon Married Helen Routman, son of Julius and Regina Roth Schermer Routman website
SCHERMER, Helen ROUTMAN 31 Jan 1914 Sharon 4 Oct 1990 Sharon Wife of Emanuel Schermer Routman website

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