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Mt. Washington Cemetery

Also known as Zahniser Cemetery

Jefferson Township

intersection of Bend Road and Lamor Road

Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


PIERCE, Willie A. 27 Aug 1917 Elizabethton, TN 27 May 2000

East Lackawannock Twp, Mercer Co.

Married Ethel Cates 10 Sept 1939, she died 7 Dec 1993; retired steamfitter
REEHER, Mary F. TROWBRIDGE 16 Aug 1937 Burnhouse, WV 7 Jun 2000 Farrell,  Graduated from Hickory High School
SHAFER, Richard Lewis 25 Jul 1907 28 Dec 1996 son of Richard Addison and Mary Clemens Hedglin Shafer

Edna M. Shafer

SHAFFER, Arthur John  22 Sept 1908 29 Jan 1959

Kathie Hoovler- Davis

SHAFFER, Geneva M. HOOVLER Jan 1881 1954

Kathie Hoovler- Davis

SHAFFER, Ira Arnold 1872 1962

Kathie Hoovler- Davis

SHAFFER, Mary C. HEDGLIN 1878 1950

Kathie Hoovler- Davis

SHAFFER, Richard Addison 21 May 1869 14 Dec 1961

Kathie Hoovler- Davis

SIMONS, Russell A. 14 Dec 1989 30 Jun 2004 He was 14 years old when he died at home from Huntington Disease which ran in the Simons family Lois Simons
SIMONS, Stephen A. 18 Feb 1988 24 Feb 2004 Was 16 years old when he died at home from Huntington Disease which ran in Simons family Lois Simons
SNYDER, Edward L. 2 Jul 1906 11 May 1991 married Mary A. Shafer

Mike Snyder grandson

SNYDER, Mary A. SHAFER  9 Nov 1909 10 Jan 2001 Wife of Edward L. Snyder, daughter of Richard Addison and Mary Clemens Hedglin Shafer

Mike Snyder grandson

STAUGH, Syndey Raymond 5 Oct 1921  Hagerstown, MD 6 Mar 1991 United Community Hospital, Pine Township son of Gay Lee and Anna Lee Cave Staugh Peters.

Lucille J. Staugh, niece- in-law

STEINGRABE, Clara ANDERSON Jefferson Township 20 Oct 1872 1962 daughter of
Matthias and Rachael Atkinson Anderson, wife of William
ZAHNISER, Albert P. 20 Feb 1862 1949

Married Mary A. Nelson, buried in a row with Mary, and their son John Cleveland and his wife Helen, 

Betty Zahniser Shafer great granddaughter

ZAHNISER, Helen Elizabeth BLUMER


9 Oct 1892 15 Apr 1968

Married John Cleveland Zahniser buried in a row with John Cleveland and his parents, 

Betty Zahniser Shafer grand daughter

ZAHNISER, John Cleveland


7 Dec 1888 21 Oct 1968

Married Helen Blumer, buried in a row with Helen and his parents Albert P. and Mary Zahniser, 

Betty Zahniser Shafer, grand daughter

ZAHNISER, Laverne M. SCHWARTZ 5 Apr 1915 Sharon 22 Mar 2002 daughter of John Barrett and Anna Schwartz, married Dale C. Zahniser
ZAHNISER, Mary A. NELSON 20 May 1859   21 Mar 1921

Married Albert P. Zahniser buried in a row with Albert P, and their son John Cleveland and his wife, Helen, 

Betty Zahniser Shafer, great grand daughter

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