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Mt. Washington Cemetery


Also known as Zahniser Cemetery

Jefferson Township

intersection of Bend Road and Lamor Road

Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


ADAMS, Hannah M. DAVIS 15 Nov 1860
 9 Mar 1914 daughter of Henry and Lucy Brazee Davis
ADAMS, Mathias 28 Aug 1857 Kremis  abt 1939  married Hannah Davis and Matilda Mary Adams
ADAMS, Mathias "Cy" 28 Sept 1856 2 Sept 1942 Son of John Adam and Mary "Polly" Henninger Adams
ANDERSON, Matthias 1905 Jefferson Township

Son of Isaac Anderson, married Rachael Atkinson
ANDERSON, Rachel Y. ATKINSON 1910 wife of Matthias Anderson
ANDERSON, Frances C. 16 Apr 1871 1948 daughter of Matthias and Rachael Atkinson Anderson
BAGNALL, Frederick C. Civil War Veteran
BROADBENT, Henry A. Civil War Veteran
BURDETTE, Lester M. 15 Apr 1917 2 Jun 1987 Son of Oliver S. Burdette
COZAD, Ada Lillian


30 Jun 1891 Mercer County 15 Dec 1989 First child of Harry Carver and Edith Horne Cozad, never married, no children
COZAD, Clyde Horne Sr.


25 Jun 1900 Mercer County 1985 Fourth child born to Harry Carver and Edith Horne Cozad. Married Agnes McWhorter on 12 Oct 1920, later divorced, father of one child
COZAD, Edith HORNE 1870 1945 wife of Harry Carver Cozad
COZAD, Harry Carver 25 Jan 1865 Mercer County 21 Apr 1933 son of Carver Cozad and Amelia McClain Cozad
 COZAD, Harry Glenn 19 Jul 1912 Mercer County 7 Oct 1913 Fifth born child of Harry Carver and Edith Horne Cozad
1978 second wife of Clyde Horne Cozad, Sr., No children born to this relationship
COZAD, Lelia Matilda


10 Mar 1896 1974 Third child of Harry Carver and Edith Horne Cozad, never married, no children
COZADD, Clyde Horne Jr. 22 Jun 1921 13 May 1993 Only child born to Clyde Horne Cozad Sr. & Agnes McWhorter,  Married Catherine Mae Barnes also of Mercer County, father of two
DAVIS, Eva Mae Age 82
DUNKEL, John  1821 Brutenbach, Germany 4 Apr 1905 unmarked grave, arrived in US in 1867, 

10 Oct 1897 Jefferson Twp, Mercer County 13 Jun 1968 Mercer, Mercer County Daughter of William Swan McWhirter and Margaret Hassel McWhirter; 4th of 13 children
FORRESTER, Robert Albert 14 May 1887 West Elizabeth, Allegheny Col, PA 1 Jan 1945  Mercer County Son of James Forrester and Mary Ellen Penn; he had 11 brothers and sisters 
FOSTER, Samuel C.   Civil War Veteran
FOX, John  Civil War Veteran

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