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(Source: History of Mercer County, 1888, page 373)

Mercer has two burial places.  One of these is the burial ground north and west of the First Presbyterian Church.  It was established at a very early period, and served to be the last resting place of many of the old and prominent citizens of Mercer and the vicinity.  Of late years it has been much neglected, weeds and briars growing luxuriantly, and, in many cases, rendering it almost impossible to reach the monuments and tablets erected over the graves.

The other is the Citizens' Cemetery, which was established by the act of the General Assembly, approved April 14, 1842.  It embraces about four acres in the south part of the borough, and was incorporated by Lewis Weaver, Henry Forker, R. L. Maxwell, William Maxwell, R. T. Clark, J. R. Hunter, Joseph Gordon, Samuel Griffith, R. Hanna, J. Sykes, W. McMillan, J. McBirney, John Sloss, B. Lindsay, W.S. Rankin, B.H. Henderson, John S. Pearson, William M. Gibson, E. F. Pearson, William Stewart, J. Pew, George Kline, W.Gregory, Joseph Sheriff, T. Graham, R. Shipler, J. Phipps, J. Pearson, J. Hosack, A. Stewart, Joseph Shipler, Joseph Forker, E.W. Carter, W.M. Stephenson, J.L. McQuillan, Thomas J. Mowry, Joseph Thompson, John Moore, A.E. Eberhart, T.J. Hirst, J. Baskin, John Forker, George Bell, Adam Forker and J.D. McGill.  By charter the affairs of the organization are to be directed by a president and six managers, to whom is entrusted the management of the institution.  The grounds are neatly laid out, and shaded, and contain some neat and handsome monuments.

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