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Greenville, Mercer County, PA, May 5, 1898

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News of This and Neighboring Counties

Specially Reported
The Local History of Mercer County

Towns and Townships For One Week


Miss Sadie James, who has a position at the Warren asylum, has been spending a ten days vacation with her mother here.

Harry Bonner represented our town in the county seat as jury man last week.

A. H. Livingstone has moved from town to the Morris Stright farm in Deer Creek township.

Rev. Simons will preach in the Presbyterian church, Sunday, May 15.

The Presbyterian Sunday school will observe Children’s day, June 12.

Norman Stright, an attendant at the Warren hospital, is home on a ten days’ visit with his parents.


Mrs. Levi Morrison, Mrs. Sarah P. Couse, Mrs. Henry Lininger and Mrs. Leonard Brown, of Greenville, attended the funeral of Houston Limber, last week.

Robert Galbreath has gone to Idaho where he expects to spend the summer.

The pie social held at the Thompson hotel, last Thursday evening, was a success. Proceeds, about $5, are for the benefit of the M. E. Church.

Mrs. Frank Parks, of Oil City, visited M. F. Thompson’s, over Sunday.

Rev. and Mrs. O. L. Meade are visiting relatives at Hartford, Ohio.

Rev. Kuhn, of Hadley, will preach in the Presbyterian church next Sunday evening. The Christian Endeavor society, of Hadley, will meet with the society of this place at 6:30 p. m.

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Wear Fredericks’ shoes, Greenville.


W. L. Crouser gave a party at his home, Monday evening, which was quite interesting to all present.

Less Mook has bought a farm near Orangeville, where he has moved, and Miller Voorhies will continue the huckstering route, formerly conducted by Mook and Voorhies.

Miss Eva Grove spent Sunday with friends in Sandy Lake.

Miss Tillie Graham, a former student of McElwain, and Miss Swigart, both of Sheakleyville, called on friends, Tuesday.

E. D. Jewell is learning the barber trade with E. McElwain.

Miss Alice McClimans called on friends in this place, Saturday.

Miss Blanche McCaughtry has gone to Pittsburg for a month’s visit with her sister, Mrs. Moore.

Miss Minta Reed is quite ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Crouser visited their daughter, Mrs. Frank Rowland, of Slippery Rock, recently.

Burt Fruit made a flying trip to this place last Saturday, and was a visitor at the institute.

Mrs. Marsteller is very ill with pneumonia; few hopes are entertained of her recovery.

Miss Mabel Martin has been a patient sufferer from stiff neck the past week.

Miss Effie Defrance spent Sunday with

Miss Nellie Reagle was presented with a very nice wheel as a birthday gift, last

Miss Bonnie Jewell is also the owner of a new wheel.

Improvements are being made on Dr. Thompson’s house in the form of a new foundation. The house occupied by Prof. Reagleman is undergoing improvements.

Clara Cochran who has been suffering from a broken ankle, is slowly recovering.

Mrs. J. F. Davis is with her daughter Mrs. L. Mook,  of Orangeville.

Charles Grove has obtained work at the state institution at Polk.

Wm. Jones, who spent the winter with his daughter Mrs. Wharton, in Jackson Center, has returned to his home in this place [New Lebanon], where he expects to remain.

TO CURE A COLD IN A DAY, Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All Druggists refund the money if it fails to cure.

The County Committee of the Democratic

Party Fixes rate of Primaries and Convention.
Special Correspondence ADVANCE ARGUS

MERCER, May 3—The Democratic county committee met in the court house at 2:30 p. m., yesterday, with W. G, Barker presiding W. T. McBurney, of Sandy Lake, and L. A. Harshman, of West Middlesex, were appointed secretaries.

It was decided to hold the primaries of the townships and boroughs on Saturday evening June 11, between the hours of six and eight p. m., but if it was thought best by the township committee men to hold them at an earlier hour they were to do so.

The county convention will be held in Mercer, Monday, June 13, at 10 a. m.

A resolution was adopted in which the administration, in this crisis, was upheld in its firm and resolute course.

MERCER, MAY 3—Judge Rayburn was not in Mercer yesterday as per appointment to hear arguments in the cases pending before him. Judge Miller is in Armstrong county today, specially presiding.

James C. Mercer asked to have the sale of 18 acres of land sold from him by the sheriff set aside. Mr. Mercer was bail for his father, the late Lyle Mercer, of Wilmington township. The father’s property was sold for an amount to meet, all claims, and the land in question was only sold for sufficient to meet a mortgage upon it. Mr. Mercer offers to pay all claims against it and asks to be’ allowed to do so and hold his property. A rule to show cause was granted returnable on May 16th.

The further acknowledgement of sheriff’s deeds was postponed until the 16th.
Same last year twin boys, aged ___ [illegible – possibly ten] years, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Irwin of Mill Creek became wards of the county because of the separation of the parents and the inability of the mother to care for them. The poor directors indentured the children to the Children’s Aid society and they were placed in good homes. Recently the father bad a writ of habeas corpus issued to reclaim the boys. Testimony was taken Monday in proof of above facts and the court is asked to refuse the demand.

Ephraim Amon, who plead guilty last week to the charge of felonious rape, appeared for sentence. The court said his case was worse than that expressed by the indictment, and he hardly knew what to do. The maximum punishment for his crime was fifteen years’ imprisonment. He would not make his sentence that heavy, however, although be feared be was making a mistake in favor of leniency. The sentence of the court was that he pay a fine of $1 and the costs in the case, and that he undergo an imprisonment in the Western penitentiary for a period of six years.



Council Decides to Pay the Borough’s Floating Debt




Borough’s Floating indebtedness is to be Bonded--Which Ward Gets the Most Improvements?


The May meeting of council was held Tuesday evening. Present were President Mathers and Councilmen Leech, Benninghoff, Scott and Kuder.

J. L Riley and Charles Anderson appeared in behalf of the Franklin street sewer project. It was finally agreed that the ten property owners of that street desiring sewerage should construct the sewer at their own expense and that they be exempt from future assessments. Parties afterwards connecting with this line must pay borough for the privilege.

It was announced that the borough has’ various notes which will soon be due, amounting in all to $7,000 or $8,000. The finance committee was instructed to arrange for a bond issue to cover floating debt.

The tax levy was made the same as last year; Borough tax, five mills; sinking fund, one mill.

The auditors’ report was ordered published in the Advance Argus.

Amounts due firemen for April fires were reported as follows: Near Arlington hotel, $13.50; barn rear of Emery’s store, $69; Siefried, barn, $17.50; H. M. Hamblin’s residence, $15.50. Total, including chief’s pay, $119.50.

Outside of salary bills the following were ordered paid:

Greenville Gas Co           $ 2.60
J. L. Baker, livery              2.00
P.E.L.H. & P. Co            196.44
W.H. Fry, stone                5.02
Shenango Printing Co      10.35
Livingston & Moyer           3.04
Borough Auditors            15.00

An accountant will be secured to as certain what proportion of improvements each ward gets in proportion to its tax. There is some dissatisfaction in regard to this matter and the truth ought to be easily discovered.

Red Blossom 7310

Will make the season of 1898 at the stable of his owner in Greenville, Pa

DESCRIPTION AND PEDIGREE —Red Blossom’s record, 2:31; trials, 2:26 3/4; sire of Red Grant, 2:25 1/4. Chestnut horse 15.3 hands high, weighs 1200 pounds, is kind and gentle; sired by Red Wilkes 1749, one of the best sons of George Wilkes 519. He has 127, with marks from 2:30. His dam was by Bowman's Clark Chief, son of Clark Chief 89, second dam by Ashland 47, third dam by Toronto Chief 85.

TERMS.—Service fee, $10, to insure a living colt. If mares are not returned regularly, the owner will be held for above amount.  B. BOWERS

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