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 THE WILSONS, of East Lackawannock Township, were early settlers. John Wilson, Sr., was born in Dublin, Ireland, August 15, 1765, and was married to Grace Miller. He came to Mercer County in 1800, bought the farm on which he lived in 1804 from Hendricks and Bready, administrators of the John Gold estate, of Allegheny. He paid $200 for 200 acres. the old deed bearing date of March 29, 1789. The issue of this marriage were seven children: James. Grace, John, William, Nellie, Charles and Margaret. He was one of the early members of the old Cool Spring Presbyterian Church, of which the Rev. Samuel Tait was pastor. He walked through the woods a distance of Six miles every Sabbath to attend the services, taking a lunch and remaining all day. James Wilson, the eldest son of James, Sr., was born in Ireland August 11, 1790, and came to America with his father when about eight years old. He was married March 8, 1820, to Esther Harris, of Mahoning County, Ohio, and reared six children: William H., Margaret C., Isaac New­ton, Phoebe C., Almon B. and James L. Almon B., of Coitsville, Ohio, and Phoebe C., of Marshalltown, Iowa, are the only surviving members of the family. Newton Wilson, father of W. H. and George H. Wilson, was born in Mercer County October 9, 1824, and married Cynthia A. Hoagland, daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth Hoagland, of Brookfield, Ohio, April 3, 1851. He followed dairying for over a quarter of a century, was a stanch Democrat, and one of the surviving members of the First Presbyterian Church at the time of the split mentioned elsewhere in this work. They reared two children: William H. and George H. The former was born April 3, 1852, and the latter was born March 21, 1859. Newton Wilson died July 8, 1877, and his widow, Cynthia A., died March 8, 1884. William H. Wilson was married to Laura A. Snyder October 9, 1883,. She was a daughter of Joel and Elizabeth Snyder, of Hempfield Township. He bought the farm formerly owned and settled by William Alexander in 1797, and who was probably the second settler in the township. William H. Wilson moved to this their present home on April 1, 1884, and has one son, Jay Clyde, born October 2, 1887. George H. Wilson, of East Lackawannock, was married to Kate D., daughter of Jesse and Sadie Hoagland, June 26, 1884. He has one child, Jesse, and owns and lives on the old original homestead of his father. Jesse and Jay Clyde Wilson are the fifth generation, their great-great-grandfather having come from Ireland almost 100 years ago.

History of Mercer County, 1888, page 995

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