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Peter Uber came from Westmoreland County. Pennsylvania, to Findley Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, about 1808, taking up a government grant of land which consisted of two hundred acres. He paid for this at the rate of from two to four dollars per acre and settled on the same grant of land where Uncle Gus now lives.

We do not know the date of Peter Uber’s birth, but he was married twice. His first wife, we have no record of, but there were six children: three Sons and three daughters.

The sons were: Mike, Peter Jr., and John, but we do not have the names of the girls. Mike lived on what is now the Houston land in the field opposite Uncle Gus’ driveway. Peter Jr. lived about where Clyde Uber now lives. John Uber had four children: Two Sons, Lawrence and Edward, and two daughters, Margaret and Susan. Margaret was Mrs. Henry Snyder. Susan was Mrs. Adam Knauff. A daughter of Peter Uber married a Buffka.

Peter Uber Sr. later married Barbara Snyder. To this union were born one son. Solomon, and one daughter, Susan.

In 1853 Peter Uber Sr. left Mercer County, Pa,, and went to Portsmouth, Ohio, where he died and was buried at the same Place.

His wife and children remained in Mercer County where she later died in 1875 and was buried in the Lutheran cemetery at Blacktown.
Solomon Uber, a son of Peter Sr. and Barbara Snyder Uber was born in Findley Twp., Mercer County, where Uncle Gus now lives, in 1836. He was seventeen years of age when his father went to Portsmouth, Ohio.

In March, 1865, Solomon Uber married Barbara Knauff, a daughter of Nicholas and Mary Bardon (Burton) Knauff, and spent their entire lives on the same farm on which he was born. To this union were born seven children: John, Peter, Gus, Mary, William, Anna, and Jacob.

Solomon Uber died July, 1920. His wife, Barbara, preceded him in death passing away in Nov. 1915.

On April 22, 1890, John Uber married Louisa Rodewalt of Springfield Twp., daughter of Adolph and  Catherine Sittig Rodewalt. They moved to Zelienople, Butler County, where they lived for four years. Then they came to the homestead for one winter. In 1895, they moved to Coolspring Twp., Mercer Co., to the John Logan farm. In 1898, they moved to Findley Twp., Living with Solomon Uber for a few years. After which they moved to the present farm.

To this union were born five sons and three daughters, also an infant daughter.  The following are the sons and daughters of John and Louisa Rodewalt Uber:
  • Infant daughter born May 1891 and died same date.
  • Edna Mary born May 28, 1892.
  • Harvey Lewis born April 30, 1894.
  • Wallace Solomon and Willis Adolph born April 14, 1897.
  • Edith Helen born September 19, 1899.
  • Chester Rodewalt born January 5, 1902.
  • Alfred John born July 30, 1904.
  • Margaret Louise born September 5, 1906.
  • Louisa, wife of John Uber, was born July 8, 1885 and died Nov. 22, 1934.
Edna Mary Uber Married Frank Williamson  Nov. 26, 1914.
The following children were born to them:
  • David John born Nov. 15, 1915 and died Sept. 26, 1916.
  • Louise Nancy born March 3, 1918.
  • Esther Rose born Feb. 4, 1921.
  • Robert Clark born March 30, 1924.

Louise Nancy Williamson was married to William James Alloway on August 7, 1948.

Esther Rose Williamson married Hayes J. Thompson April 11, 1943.

Robert Clark Williamson married Patricia Shannon August 7, 1948.

Harvey Uber married Janet Carter August 22, 1916.
Their children are:
  • John Harvey born Sept. 22, 1917.
  • David Warren born Sept. 22, 1917.
  • Helen Isabelle born May 14, 1919.
  • Robert Vernon born Sept. 16, 1920.
  • Betty Jane born May 10, 1924.

Janet Carter Uber, wife of Harvey Uber, died July 15, 1927.

In October, 1930, Harvey Uber married Mrs. Sydna George. She died May 7, 1944.

Harvey Uber Jr., [John Harvey Uber] married Roberta Morter Aug. 21, 1936.

Wallace Solomon Uber married Helen Carter on Jan. 23, 1918.

The following are their children:
  • An infant Daughter.
  • Mary Elizabeth born April 16, 1920. 
  • James Ernest born June 7, 1925.

Mary Elizabeth Uber married Arthur Urey on Nov. 13, 1940.

James Ernest married Betty Jeane Walker on July 15, 1944.

Helen Isabelle Uber married Merle Teare June 14, 1937. Merle Teare died in action in World War II October 4, 1944. She then married Martin Emery July 5, 1948.

Robert Vernon married Averall Pryor Dec. 9, 1939.

Harvey Uber Sr. Married Regina Horstman Oct. 6, 1944.

Willis Adolph Uber married Hazel Spears June 7, 1918.

The following are their children:
  • Delmar Leroy born June 17, 1917.
  • Frederick James born April 1, 1919.
  • Grace Lucille born Oct. 6, 1921,
  • Mildred Alene born June 14.
  • Ronald William born Mar. 8, 1928.
  • Bernard Eugene born Oct. 16, 1929.

Delmar Leroy married Ruby Knight June 14, 1947.

Frederick James married Lovina Barkley

Grace Lucille married Clarence Barkley Oct. 9, 1942.

Willis Uber later married Henrietta Brocklehurst April 17, 1947.

A daughter, Linda Darlene was born Feb. 7, 1948.

 Edith Helen Uber married Paul Baker Jan. 11, 1921.

To this union were born the following children:
  • John Charles born Dec. 3, 1921.
  • Mary Margaret born April 30, 1928 — Died Aug. 9, 1935.
  • Frank Edward born Dec. 23, 1924.
  • Alfred Eugene born July 28, 1926.
  • Helen Elizabeth born Feb. 5, 1928.
  • Robert Glenn born Oct. 9, 1929.
  • Russell Thomas born Mar. 31, 1931.
There were also three children who died in infancy.

Paul Baker, husband of Edith Helen Uber Baker, was killed July 28, 1936.

John Charles Baker married Janice Graham on Mar. 11, 1950.

Frank Edward Baker married Esther Kalajainen on June 18, 1949.

Helen Elizabeth Baker married John Zambino on Dec. 9,1949.

Chester Uber married Helen Landis October 7, 1934.

The following children were born to them:
  • Delores Marie born March 17, 1936.
  • George Arthur born June 9, 1943. 

Margaret Uber married Harold Osborne July 24, 1940.

A daughter, Ruth Ann, was born Sept. 21, 1941.

John N. Uber — father of the eight children — passed away March 20, 1953 and was buried in the Lutheran Cemetery at Blacktown.  

Submitted by Linda Ealy

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