Rev. J. M. Gallagher  

REV. J. M. GALLAGHER, Jackson Centre, was born April 28, 1821, in Uniontown, Fayette Co., Penn., to John Gallagher, a native of the same place. Our subject was one of seven children: Eveline W., Rev. J. M., Jane K., Elizabeth D., Mary, Jacob B., John A. The last named practiced law, and was a surveyor. The father was a farmer, and at one time owned part of the land now the present site of Uniontown. Rev. Gallagher was educated at Madison College, Uniontown, and Beverly, Ohio, studying at the last named theology under Rev. J. P. Wethee. He taught school six months. He was licensed to preach at State Lick, Armstrong County, by the Union Presbytery in 1845, and was sent out by that body to preach. He made his journey on horseback, and was supply at Harlensburg, Franklin, Cranbury, Rockland and Scrubgrass. He preached in school-houses at the last three named places, and his pastorate church buildings were erected at Cranbury and Rockland. At these two he continued for eleven years. He was then supply for the Scrubgrass and Sandy Creek congregations until 1861, when he moved to Jackson Centre, and preached for that congregation until recently. He is yet pastor of the Bethany congregation, a branch of the Jackson Centre organization. He was pastor for thirty-two years for the “Irvin congregation,” which is composed of citizens of Mercer and Venango Counties; this he resigned in 1887. During his pastorate at Jackson Centre some of his congregation moved to Sandy Lake, and he following them organized a church and preached in a hall until under his administration a church edifice was erected and he had helped in the dedicatory services. The Hickory Grove congregation, now attached to Jackson Centre, was organized under his pastorate. He was married, September 19, 1848, to Miss Ellen Whann, a native of Venango County. This union resulted in two children: John F., died at the age of eighteen years, and Mary J., married H. T. Hess, deceased, by whom she has three children: Nellie M., Stella J. and James Raymond. Our subject owns two farms, has property in Jackson Centre, and is an earnest Prohibitionist.

Source: (History of Mercer County, 1888, pages 1009 - 1010)

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