Morris Bachman 

MORRIS BACHMAN - - As president of the Sharon Steel Hoop Company, of Sharon, Morris Bachman is actively identified with one of the leading interests of the place and is influential in promoting its business prosperity. Coming from thrifty German ancestry, he was born April 12, 1866, in Strasburg, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. His father, Christian Bachman, a furniture manufacturer by occupation, was like wise born in Strasburg and lived there during all of his life. The ancestors of the Bachman family came from Switzerland and settled in Lancaster county at the time Penn made eastern Pennsylvania a place of safety for those of any religious belief. The Bachmans for many generations have belonged to the plain religious sects, the Friends and Mennonites.

Spending the days of his youth and early manhood in Strasburg, Morris Bachman was there graduated from the high school, after which he completed a special course of study at the State Normal school, Millersville, Pennsylvania. After finishing his schooling he entered the office of J. W. Hoffman & Co., Philadelphia, iron and steel brokers, and from there went to Pittsburg, where he became associated with Lindsay & Mc Cutcheon, Carnegie Steel Company, William Clark Sons Company, J. Painter & Sons Company and other mills which manufactured finished steel in the lines in which he is now engaged. When the American Steel Hoop Company was formed, which absorbed all of the mills in this line of business, he was made the general sales agent of that company, with offices in New York. After tilling that position for several years he re signed and organized the Sharon Steel Hoop Company and since then has made his residence in Sharon, where he has taken an active interest in local affairs and is officially connected with many of its leading organizations, being president of the Sharon Steel Hoop Company, president of the Buhl Club and of the Sharon Country Club, vice president of the Shenango Machine Company, director in the Merchants’ & Manufacturers’ National Bank, director in the American Steel Foundries of New York and vice president of the Griffin Manufacturing Company, of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Bachman was married on June 8, 1897, to Miss Minnie Bachman, who, although bearing the same surname, does not belong to the branch of the Bachman family from which he is descended.

Source: (Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, pages 367-368

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