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James Brockway

JAMES BROCKWAY,  farmer, post-office Jamestown, Penn., was born in Kinsman, Ohio, February 22, 1831. His father, George Brockway, was a native of Hartford, Conn., and about 1814-15 his father, Elias Brockway, removed with his family to Ashtabula County, Ohio, where George grew to manhood. About 1823 the latter came to West Salem Township, where he married Christiana Smail, daughter of John and Mary Smail, natives of Germany, who settled in this township in 1812-13. She reared the following children: David W., Joseph and Jeremiah, of Kansas; James, of West Salem Township; Emeline, deceased wife of Samuel Livingston, of Crawford County; Alvin, Amos and Levi, of Greene Township, and Eliza J., deceased. The seven sons are all living and heads of families. George Brockway and wife resided for a few years on Big Run, in West Salem Township; thence removed to Kinsman, Ohio, where they lived about seven years. In the spring of 1834 they returned to Mercer County and took up their residence in Greene Township, on the farm where their son Levi now lives. They spent the remaining years of their lives on this place, dying June 28, 1852, and June 1, 1884, respectively. The mother died at the home of her son James, in West Salem. George Brockway was a Baptist from youth up to 1840, when, being a strong anti-slavery man, and disliking the position assumed by his church on that subject, he severed his connection therewith and subsequently became a “Free-thinker.” James Brockway was reared on the old homestead, and attended the district school. He was married January 27, 1852, to Caroline, daughter of Richard and Barbara (Greiner) Brown, pioneers of West Salem. Mrs. Brockway was born in this township, and has had three children, viz.: William O., Richard E., deceased, and James S., deceased. In the spring of 1852 our subject located on the farm where he yet lives. He is an unswerving Republican, and one of the enterprising, progressive farmers of Mercer County, where he has lived more than half a century.

Source: History of Mercer County, 1888, pgs. 1169-1170

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