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Francis Ramsey


The subject of this sketch, was born in Allegheny county, in 1792. His father, Peter Wilson, was a native of Ireland, from whence he emigrated to Allegheny county, in 1777-78. He served for some time in the American army, during the Revolution. In 1796, he came with his two sons, George, the subject of this sketch, and James, and settled in Jackson township, in 1796. George Wilson was out in the War of 1812, in one of the numerous companies which Mercer county sent into the field.

In the year 1815, he married Miss Mary McFatrick, a daughter of George McFatrick, of Mercer county.

She was born in the same year (1796) in which young Wilson came with his father to Mercer county. The happy couple lived together for over half a-century (55 years) when Mrs. Wilson “departed to that bourne from whence no traveler returns.” She died in the year 1870, greatly loved and respected, and deeply mourned by a large circle of friends and neighbors.

Mr. Wilson still survives at the great age of eighty-four. He makes his home with his son, M. A. Wilson, who occupies the old homestead.

The veteran pioneers of the wilderness, are mostly gone. Here and there a straggler lingers upon the verge, but soon “the places that once knew them shall know them no more forever.”

History of Mercer County, 1877, page 137 

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