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DR. IRA CONDIT FEATHER, deceased surgeon, Seventy-second New York Volunteer Infantry, eldest son of John and Phoebe Feather, was born in Perry Township on August 7, 1829. His grandfather was one of the earliest settlers and pioneers of Ohio and Pennsylvania. His mother was a descendant of John Condit, master and warden of the mint in England during the time of Sir Isaac Newton, and important in the history of the colonies since 1678, and rich in lore of education and distinguished men of unassuming worth. Both sides of the house were patriotic defenders of freedom during the War of 1776, and, ever true to the cause of humanity and freedom, were not wanting in the dark days of internicine war, 1861.

Ever a deep, diligent and thoughtful student, Ira C. Feather made the best possible use of early educational means—first with a view of the ministry in the Presbyterian Church, but afterward studied and practiced medicine under the instructions of Dr. Cossitt, of Greenville, Penn. On October 27, 1858, he was married to Miss Josephine Coulter, daughter of Dr. Coulter, of Scrubgrass Township, Venango Co., Penn., well known for many miles around as a physician of great renown for over thirty years, and closely connected with the history of Venango County. On July 29, 1854, John Coulter Feather was born, who for many years was a companion, partner and trusted confidant of his father, Dr. Feather, whom he now succeeds as head and principal of a large practice peculiar to itself, which he had assisted to build up.

On August 4, 1858, Francis Floyd Feather was born, who, as junior member of the firm of Drs. J. C. & F. F. Feather, is assisting his elder brother. On December 19, 1860, a daughter, Lizzie Feather, was born, but died of lung fever on February 6, 1861.

In 1861 Dr. Feather joined Company K, Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry Volunteers, but was afterward transferred as regimental surgeon of the Seventy-second New York Infantry Volunteers. In 1862 he was detailed to act as surgeon-general of the hospitals at Yorktown, Va. It was at this time he suffered from yellow fever for first time, from which so few northern men recover; in 1885 he sent north for his family, he still serving as medical director of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, besides having a large private practice. On August 20, 1867, his wife died of typhoid fever, and, his own health being wrecked ever since the war, he returned north in 1888, and, in 1869 was married to Miss Hannah C. L. Bell, daughter of William and Lovina Bell, of Sandy Creek Township, Mercer County, whose lives form part of the history of Mercer County for a period of over fifty years.

In June, 1875, Dr. Feather commenced the practice of his profession in Sandy Lake, Penn., where he remained until death. Dr. Feather was burnt out on February 26, 1880, without insurance, and in 1882 built the three-story building used as a dwelling until the completion of the building known as Dr. Feather’s Block, corner of Main and Lacook Streets, constructed of stone, brick and marble. In 1882 he suffered a stroke of paraphlegia, caused by the disabilities and injuries sustained while in the military service. On November 11, 1887, he was again taken sick from the same cause, but his power of resistance had decreased as his disease had increased, and death came on November 18, 1887, at the age of fifty-eight years. 

[Ira Condit Feather is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Sandy Lake Township.]  

Source: (History of Mercer County, 1888, pages 1053 - 1054)


REV. IRA CONDIT  was born in Morris County, N. J., in 1772, and married Mary Miller, of Washington County, Pa., in 1800. She was born in New Jersey, Feb. 18, 1781, and died Nov. 6, 1836. Of the early years of  Ira Condit but little is preserved. They were spent on a farm and he experienced the hardships incident to all new settlements. In 1798 he emigrated to Sandy Creek, Mercer County, Pa., and settled within one mile of where the Fairfield Church now stands. He made a profession of religion May 10, 1802, and became a member of the Fairfield Church, of which he was afterward pastor. In 1803 he left his farm and moved to Canonsburg, Pa., and commenced his studies for the ministry, where he graduated in 1808. Then he removed to a farm about seven miles from the town of Washington, Pa., and commenced the study of theology under the direction of Dr. McMullen and Rev. George Scott, supporting his family by teaching a school in the neighborhood. He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Ohio on Oct. 17, 1811. The first year of his ministry was spent as a missionary among the vacant churches and destitute settlements of Washington County. In 1812 Mr. Condit moved back to Sandy Creek, and after preaching some time in the vacant churches accepted a call from the congregations of Fairfield and Big Sugar Creek, and was ordained Nov. 8, 1814. In this "call" he was to give the church one-third of his time, and was to receive one hundred dollars annually, one-third to be in cash, two-thirds in provisions. In April, 1827, he accepted a call to the church of Georgetown, and was afterwards installed over the church at Amity. This latter charge was relinquished April 22, 1829. In June of the same year he accepted a call to the church at Cool Spring, and was installed June 24, 1829. In this united charge of Fairfield, Georgetown and Cool Spring he labored until his death, Oct. 24, 1836.

Children:  Phere, b. Feb. 11, 1801;John, b. Feb. 4, 1803; Martha, b. Jan. 16, 1805; unm. [unmarried] resided at Girard, Pa.; Sarah and Mary, twins, b. April 5, 1807 Sarah d. in Oct. 1820; Hannah and Rachel, twins; b. Aug. 17, 1809; David S. b. Nov. 5, 1811; d., single, March 27, 1859. Jonas, b. Feb 2, 1814; Meribah, b.  Feb. 9, 1816; m., Dec.,1835,  Baldwin Kirkpatrick, who d. ;in ;1877; Samuel, b. March 18, 1818, d. Oct. 24, 1836; Isaac and Rebecca, twins b. Feb. 2, 1820; Isaac d. in infancy; William, b. June 13, 1831; m. Beulah Terry; resided in Brooklyn, N. Y.

Source: (Genealogy of the Condit Family 1678-1885, Descendants of John Cunditt, A Native of Great Britain who settled in Newark, NJ by Jotham H. Condit and Ebin Condit, 1916.)

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