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WADDELL Dave Waddell  
WADDLE Dave Waddell  
WAGAMAN Dan Terry  
WAGEMAN Dan Terry  
WAGNER Annette Britain  
WAGNER Jill Moomey  
WAGNER Jeff Heintz  
WAKEFIELD Julie Buckles  
WAKEFIELD Mark Wakefield Thomas Wakefield son of T. Wakefield was b. in 1793 and is the grandson of David Wakefield. Thomas Wakefield is found in the 1840 Federal Census Records living in Mahoning Township.
WALDORF Barbara McConnell  
WALDORF Elaine Gano  E-mail no longer valid - Need new e-mail for Elaine
WALDRON Daniel S. Waldron Samuel, John, William, Simeon, Daniel
WALFORD Rebecca Ramsey Desc - Daniel George Ramsey
WALKER Candace L. Millsop  
WALKER Frank M. Walker Henry,  
WALKER Pamela E. Hartman John & Mary, parents of Eva Artman
WALKER Barbara Mayberry  
WALKER Judy Nelson Cook  
WALKER Frank M. Walker Harry Walker born PA, Wife Anne born England, Son John born PA, daughter Anne born PA. Township West Salem
WALKER William Pebbles  
Walko came to US around 1903 and settled in the Sharpsville area. Came from the Sezepes area of the then Hungarian empire, married Mary Semancik or Shemancik in 1906. She came from village of Blazov or Balazsvagas as the village was then known as. Believe John Walko might have come from village of Helcmanovce. 
WALLACE Diana Muir Coolspring &Finley Twps,1700s-1850
WALLACE Eugenia Fee Dernosek  
WALOCHIK Anthony Glaister  
WALSWORTH Donna Hummel James Walsworth 1838-1899 Mercer Co., PA
Louisa ____ Walsworth 1846-1934 Mercer Co. PA.
Annie Walsworth Caution--1866 {England} -1958 Mercer Co., PA
Wilbur Caution--1910 Shenango township Census, was 44 years old and at the time he & Annie had been married 25 years.
Joseph Walter Caution 09-10-1886---09-12-1927 Mercer Co., PA
Charles William Caution June-23-1896--May 1960 Mercer Co., PA
Louisa Caution Seeley Oct.-18-1900--May-28-1991 Mercer Co., PA
Alex Hollibaugh died about 1910 or 1911
Susan Rankin Hollibaugh (Buried in New Castle, PA)
Elsie Irene Hollibaugh Caution April-17-1896 PA [not sure county
WALTER Kathy Miller  
WALTER Mark Walter The Walter Family originated in Germany, With A Jacob and Elizabeth (Huffman) Walter moving from Germany to Irwin Twp. in the late 1700's. Since then the Walter family spread through out Venango, and Mercer Counties. any information on the earlier family members would be greatly appreciated.
Related to Rainey's, Crawford's, Galloway's, and probably many others.
WARD Etta Miller  
WARD Earl Marquis Ward II Ward, William Born cir. 1780 in York Co. Settled on farm on Slippery Rock Creek abt. 1806
Ward, William A. Lackawannock Twp. 1817 -1893
Ward, George 1860 - 1934 Lakawannock twp
Ward, Earl Marquis 1890 - 1950 Born Lack. Twp. Lived / died Sharon
Ward, Earl Marquis (II) Born Mercer 1935 Lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.
WARD Shirley Anderson Elizabeth Kirk Ward
WAREHAM Lynn Schneider George Weirheim line > Germany prob early 1800s
WARNER John Allen Dundee Mercer, Crawford, Juniata, Luzerne Counties
WARNER Ron Palmer  
WASSER Mark Wasser  
WASHBURN Tom Kolepp  
WATERS Deborah Fritz DeRoss  
WATSON Harriett Fuquay  
WATSON Carolyn M. Porter Patterson  
WATSON Marcia Sabol  
WATT Cheryl Mahmood  
WAUGH Carlos N. Olvera  
WAUGH Evelyn Anderson Eastern PA> New Wilmington area - 1800
WEAKLEY Martin Anderson James C, served with Roundhead Reg in Civil War, 1800s, Liberty twp? 
WEAVER Carol Hedglin Senior  
WEAVER R. L. Hoover Jacob
WEBB Sharon Haggerty George & Amelia, Coolspring Twp 1840 Census, and descendants
WEBER Joyce Hug Halbur  
WEBER Donna Jewell Horvath from Austria
WEBSTER Timothy L. Bennett Grove City, West Middlesex
WEBSTER Scott MacDonald Margaret Webster & John MacDonald
WEESEN Beth Elliott  
WEILAND Gerald Glass >Cambria Co -. Hoffman   - moved from Cambria County late 1890 to 1940's Resided in the Shenango Valley Area
Wyland/Weiland - Moved from the Cambria County area in the 1890- 1940 to the Shenango Valley Area.
WEINEL Michelle Weinel Montgomery Current Weinels in Mercer County May 1, 2003
Paul Weinel and Norma Shaffer Weinel, Hermitage
Jeffrey Alan Weinel and Joan Brown Weinel, Grove City
Joshua Weinel, Grove City
Joseph Weinel and Kristin Weinel, Hermitage
Tegan Weinel, Hermitage
Micah Weinel, Hermitage
Jay Andrew Weinel and Tammy Schreckengost Weinel, Mercer
Alexis Weinel, Mercer
Andrew Weinel, Mercer
WEIR Peggy  
WEIR Allan Reagan Adam Weir of Sheakleyville d. 1845
WEITZ Jan Beauchamp Edward Ernest, 1856-1936
WELCH Ed Scriven Married into Scriven line
WELDON John Metzger Sharon 
WELLING Arlene N. May Orangeville
WELLS Diana Muir Coolspring &Finley Twps,1700s-1850
WELSCH Candace L. Millsop  
WELTON Lloyd Welton  
WHALEN Terrence A. Whalen  
WHALEY Adele Walenciak Shenango Twp
WHAN Bob McKeon  
WHEATON Bette Cadwell  
WHEELER Joyce Thompson Coolspring, Worth Twp, 1850s-1900s
WHEELER Judy Davison
WHERRY Debbie Larkin Olive, b. Sheakleyville
WHITE Ed Scriven Married into Scriven line
WHITE Elaine Gano Grove City area
WHITE Eugenia Fee Dernosek  
WHITE Brian D. White  
WHITE Benny Rhoads  
WHITE Carol White Hammer Greenville, Salem
WHITE Thelma Carlson  
WHITE Sue DeHaas James, Shenango Twp 1835-1850, Blacksmith
WHITE Laurel Anderson Alexander, m. Rachel Henderson
WHITE Bob McKeon J. G. White
WHITMORE Ed McClelland  
WIAND Elaine Gano Jacob Wiand
WICK Lori McLaren  
WIEDER Brent Morgan  
WIER Peggy  
WIERMAN Sharon Dulcich Sharon
WIKE Jim Payne Henry Wike, Stoneboro, 1850s
WIKE Leigh Ann Bierman  
WILLARD Elaine Gano  
WILLIAMS Bob McKeon Jesse Williams
WILLIAMS Chuck Coulter  
WILLIAMS researcher more information
WILLIAMS Marion Rees & Nasmeth
WILLIAMSON Heather See Koech
(Need current email)
See, George W.B11/1806 d.9/11/1889 married Mariah Williamson daughter Jacob
Willis B1832...Desdamonia Pelton B. Ohio
Hiram B 1832....Louisa ?
Harvey B 1848
Syrenus B1840...Cordelia Mc Bride
Mary B1854
Jennie B6/17/1854 married a Dunn
George born Delaware, all children born Pa, Lived Sheakleyville, Sandy Lake Believe George W. father to be William E Fallowfield Crawford county. Brothers? William and Cazier. Uncles or brothers Benjamin Crawford County, Ricard A. Scioto County Ohio.
WILLIAMSON Karl M. & Marilyn Tait Johnson  
WILLIAMSON Wendell Hayes Northern Mercer County, 1840s- 1860s.
WILLSON Lois Wilson
WILMOT Sue Cromwell Lucy/Louise m. John McKay, 1910-1920, 29 Clarksville St. Greenville
WILSON Dave Waddell  
WILSON Keith Burgess Ezekiel, Thomas, Margaret Wilson
WILSON Bette Cadwell  
WILSON Beverly Liston  
WILSON Brent Morgan  
WILSON Allen Lorenzi Worth, Jackson Center, Millbrook, & So. Venango Co.
WILSON Sharon Smith William & Eleanor, Samuel B. & Margaret CoolSpring & Jackson tp
WILSON Phil Legal  
WILSON William Unangst  
WILSON Jim Wilson  
WILSON Elizabeth Wilson b.1871> Lawrence Co.
WILSON William Lyle Mercer  
WILSON Lois Wilson Spear:
East Lackawannock, New Liberty
Time frame:  1830 - 1900
Given names:  James (born in Washington County), Matilda (her married name was Spear), Sarah, Hannah, Rachael Samalda, James W. (James son, was in Civil War)

Wilson / Willson:
East Lackawannock Township
Given names:  Samuel (born in Virginia), Harry, Huldah, Millie
Time frame:  1850 - 1900
WILT Benny Rhoads  
WILT Jean Brauns  
WIMER Sally Metz  
WIMER Shanna Alexander  
WINDER Richard_Winder  
WINGAR Beverly Pfiel Paquet  
WINGARD Claudia Manly  
WINGARD Linda Richards  
WINGER L. Miess  
WINGER Beverly Pfiel Paquet  
WINGERT Beverly Pfiel Paquet  
WINNER Kim Mary Ann Winner Spears, Sara Jane Winner Spears, Samuel Winnel
WISE Rebecca Ramsey Desc - Daniel George Ramsey
WISE Debbie Hoffman  
WISE Jeanine Gentis Greenville, PA Area
WOLFORD Alicia Havens  
WOOD Linda Rolufs  
WOOD Sandy Kelley Samuel Wood, Worth Twp 1850 (Nd a good e-mail for Sandy)
WOOD Beverly Wagner Pardoe, Findley Twp, 1860-1885
WOODLING Marcia Sabol  
WOODLING Arlene N. May Orangeville
WOODS Sarah Beal  
WOODS Charlie Morgan  
WOODS Linda Rolufs  
WOODS Sherry Woods Kaseberg Robert Cummings Comstock lived in Mercer County, PA where he had a sawmill with his father, Abel Comstock. He lived in Pennsylvania for about six years after his marriage to Sarah McDowell in 1842, a Mercer County native, and four children were born there. About 1848 he removed to Wood County, OH after a visit, and bought a farm. He engaged in milling and farming, and served as a justice of the peace for about 30 years.
James and Nancy Smith Woods to Mercer County 1839 from Allegheny County, PA, then to WI about 1849. In 1840  in Mercer County, PA, there were 4 John Woods families and  2 James Woods families. In Sandy Creek Township were families of familiar names: Ledaker Bartle, James Christy, McCracken, Craig and Gill.
In Springfield Township were families of John Woods, Means, McCracken, James Woods, Samuel Woods, relationship, if any, unknown. In New Castle Borough was Daniel Euwer and family.
WOODS Karen DeSanno Pymatuning Twp & others 1797-1840s
WOOTEN Janice Davis  
WORLEY Emma Jean Smith  
WORLEY Alicia Havens  
WORTHEY Charles Worthey 1900-1942
WRIGHT Kim Macklin Wright - William Wright m. Elizabeth Steister. William b. 1822 d. 1893. Lived in Jefferson Twp Pa area.
WRIGHT Joan Oeck  
WYLAND Gerald Glass >Cambria Co.;Hoffman   - moved from Cambria County late 1890 to 1940's Resided in the Shenango Valley Area
Wyland/Weiland - Moved from the Cambria County area in the 1890- 1940 to the Shenango Valley Area.
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