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TAIT Karl M. & Marilyn Tait Johnson  
TALBOT Debra_Talbot  
TATE Harriett Fuquay Sharon area
TAYLOR Cindy Crytzer Mary Elizabeth Taylor & father Thomas H.
TAYLOR Linda Ann Douglass Roush
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Thomas, 1854-1941 d. Sharon, m. Elizabeth Hughes, England > US abt 1890
TAYLOR Diane A. Kennedy  
TAYLOR Angie Mercer  
TAYLOR Pat Taylor Robison Mathias Taylor and his wife, Elizabeth French Taylor were the parents of James William Taylor, born October 3, 1848 in Mercer.  James William was my great grandfather.  He died in Bureau County, Illinois December 1935. Any information about my family would be greatly appreciated. 
TAYLOR Linda J. Atkins Thomas H., near Henderson PA, and Charlotte Patterson
TAYLOR Richard Winder  
TEARE Rolfe Reynolds 1869+
TEBAY William Campfield  
THEISS Stephen Theiss  
THOMAS Dorothy Jones  
THOMAS Charlene Mercer and Lawrence Co
THOMAS Charlene Morgan Thomas (1797-1874) of New Castle
THOMAS Charlene Wm Thomas (1829-1886) of Sharon
THOMPSON Beth Rollinson  
THOMPSON John MacDonald  
THOMPSON Rebecca Ahern Soloman Klingensmith, Adam Thompson, David Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson who married a Jackson Mackey  Mackeys Shenango twp. Salem Twp. and Greenville area from 1799 to today's descendants. I know there are Davidson and Klingensmith living the area that were Elizabeth Mackeys descendents.
THOMPSON Paul V. Hofius  
THOMPSON Lynne Nuibe James A. m. Nancy Urmson
THOMPSON Joyce Thompson Findley, Coolspring, Worth Twp, 1850s-1900s
THOMPSON Bob Bowers  
THOMPSON Elna Sue Buckner  
THOMPSON C. A. Thompson
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Thompson, Thomas  b. circa 1834 North Umberland, England; immigrated to Pardoe, Mercer Co.; father of David E. b.1865) Richard H. (b. 1868)
THOMPSON Carol Payne KITCH,   Andrew McClain, b.1848 Mercer County back to Johann Michael, b. abt 1705, possibly in Germany
THOMPSON, Abel, b. Nov 20, 1816 Mercer County back to Henry, b. ? probably England (came to America in 1684)
THOMPSON Teresa Arcangel  
THOMPSON Kathryn Thompson Thomas Thompson of Charlston, born 1774 in PA.  Married to Mary.  Children:  Henry, Mary Ann, Uriah, Margaret, James, William, and John.
THOMPSON Jerry Thompson Silas, Adolphus, & Lewis, 1840s
THOMPSON Shelley Archy b.1850, m. Nancy Lusk; Wm Elmer b.1872 m. Zelma Shaw
THOMPSON Jacqueline Emch Felix  
THOMPSON Elna Sue Buckner  
TICE Robert Pratt  
TIFFANY Diana Fitzsimons  
TITUS Paul V. Hofius  
TITUS Jan Bailey Hart  
TITUS Debbie Hoffman  
TITUS Catherine Heintz McWhorter Mercer & Sharon
TOBIN Terrence A. Whalen  
TONKS C. A. Thompson
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Benjamin - immigrated to US abt 1888 with wife Emma Reynolds & daughters Elizabeth and Caroline, >Sedgley, Eng
TOWNSEND Kaye Donaldson-Asbill  
TRACE Chuck Coulter  
TRASTER Barbara Treaster  
TRAVIS Stanford Eugene Rohrig Theodore Travis and Annie Ethel Black
TREASTER Barbara Treaster  
TREAT Joyce Van Houdt more information
TREE Shelly Daniel Miles Tree
TREE Paula Wentsel Thomas & Mary Ann (Tree) Stewart (see bible postings), children: John W. (married Elizabeth Baker or Becker), Sarah Ellen, Mary Jane, Lucy Ann (married Dallas Roberts), William Andrew (married Julia Elizabeth Roberts), Nancy Elizabeth (married Christopher Baker), Thomas MILES (married Martha Maxwell),  Margarete (Maggie married 3 times, McCarnahan - McCommon - Haines, her husbands preceded her in death), Anna Bell.  Tom's second wife was Sarah (?) and their son was Silas (Cylas).
TREESTER Barbara Treaster  
aka Tregaskis, Tregaskiss
Nic Tregaskes
(Need current email for Nic)
surname traced to 1437, Cornwall, Eng
TRESTER Barbara Treaster  
TREW Candace L. Millsop  
TRIBBY Arthur Bielfelt  
TRIBBY Tammy Donaldson  
TRIESTER Norris Burdette Shenango Twp - Mary, wife of Daniel Gearhart
TRIESTER Barbara Treaster  
TROUTMAN Carol Hedglin Senior  
TROXEL Carol Hedglin Senior  
TROY Tyrella Pringle Thomas McVey Troy
TROY Bethany McFarland  
TRUMAN David Truman  
TRUMP David Stoner  
TSCHUDI Tammy Setterquist  
TULIO Judi  
TUNIS Joe Harris  
TUNISON John MacDonald  
TUNISON Beth Rollinson  
TUNISON Larry Tunison  
TUREK Kate Frissora Grove City
TURNER Kathy Lancaster TURNER, Esben H., born in Jackson Township, Mercer, PA 17 Feb 1834
died in Jackson County, Iowa 2 Aug 1896 son of TURNER, Krickbaum, born in Jackson Center, Mercer, PA 7 Jul 1805 son of TURNER, Alexander and Krickbaum, Nancy.
TURNER Ellen Rosendhal Earl Turner, born Jan 1889, in Sunol, Pa, lived in Sharon, died feb 1966. Sisters: Etta Ellen Turner, born 1915 at Sunol, Pa; Nora Turner.  Brother, Wilburt Turner of Meadville, Pa.
TURNEY Candace L. Millsop  
TURNEY Linda Richards  
TURNY Candace L. Millsop  
TUTHILL Cassie Langley Brown  
TUTTLE Jean Edwards  
TUTTLE Esther Forsberg Katherine Tuttle born 1834
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