Mercer County 

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SACKETT Lonnie Boggs Sharon, abt 1900
SAGER Sandy Horan Harrison  
SAMPLE Roy Sample  
SAMPLE Patricia Ewing David died 1813 Salem twp, Mercer County
SAMUELS T. V. Patterson  
SANSONE Rebecca Ramsey Desc of Daniel George Ramsey
SANTEE Dan Terry  
SASALA Pam Pastore Nichols more information
SATTERFIELD Hugh MacPherson Elijah, Delaware>Mercer abt 1835 through 1856, farmer
SAUER Victoria Cripps-Sauer  
SAVAGE Carol Janes Robert,1800 census, 3 sons, 3 dau., he and spouse ages between 26 and 44
SAYLOR Noreen McCann  
SCHAADE Steve Seiple  
SCHAFFER Claudia Manley  
SCHALLER Flora Schaller  
SCHARFF Joan Oeck  
SCHELL Esther McDermott  
SCHELL Bonnie Jean Schell My Grandfather is Elmer George Schell Sr. My father is a jr. I have 3 uncles by the names of Elden, Corkie, and Bud Clark My father doesn't know much about past history, as he was raised by his Aunt.  His mother died in 1949 when he was 3 years old. If any one out there that might be able to help, I would really appreciate it very much this is important to my father.
SCHELL Carl E. Schell
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SCHELL,   John Edward. (son of William & Cornelia J. Iliff), b.Dec. 28, 1878 in Sharon, Pa. d. Dec. 11, 1939 in Steubenville, Oh.  Married 3 times: Geneva Stuart 1885-1945. Amelia Margaret McClincy, 1887-1945. Jessie Elvira Stuart Tingler, 1884-1950.  Our family springs from John Edward Schell &  Amelia M. McClincy: children Charles, Albert, Harry, Kenneth, John (my grandfather), Everett, & Gladys.  Albert & Charles died in 1905 & 1906 as children and are buried in Haywood Cemetery, West Middlesex, along with grandparents, Lemuel & Sophia (LONG) McClincy, infant Glenn LeRoy Schell, Oct. 20--Dec. 4, 1896.  Also nearby are great Grandmother, Martha A. Stanfield Iliff, mother of Cornelia J. Iliff, wife of William Schell (father) & mother of John Edward Schell.  Related family names are: Landsdowne, Bates, Allen, Hackett, Stuart, Stewart, Clark, Black, Douglas, Patton, Workman, McClinsey, Zimmerly.
SCHIESTLE Heather Reash  
SCHIESTLE Noreen McCann  
SCHIFFHOUAR Claudia Manley  
SCHMELTZER Tim Shaffer New Vernon
SCHMITT William Phillips  
SCHNEIDAWIN Robert C. Snyderwine,Sr See Snyderwine
SCHNEIDER Lyle Richard Snyder  
SCHOLL Jeff Heintz  
SCHUHOF Kurt Germany >Croatia >NY >Sharon 1910
SCHUMACHER Richard Bitting
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John b in Lehigh Co. > West Salem Township bef 1840, m Christina Falk
SCOFIELD Brenda Wayne  3/31/2023 Need a good email addr for Brenda
SCOLLARD Albert J. Scollard  
SCOTT Linda Young  
SCOTT Mary Scott  
SCOTT Gail Vanderhoof Scott Margaret arr. 1798 to death abt 1850
SCOTT Marie Bird William Scott and his wife, Sarah Parker.  At one time he owned the whole town.  I'm looking for information on Sarah Parkers family.  His cemetery was turned into a parking lot for a church after he died. She went to Iowa with her children. She is buried in Scott Co., Iowa Marie Schaeffer Bird
SCOTT Phil Gilmore Sr. more information
SCOTT Teri Brown  
SCRIVEN Sharon  
SCRIVEN Ed Scriven  
SEABURN Elaine Hays more information
SEAHOLM Brenda Wayne  
SEAHOLM Judy Nelson Cook  
SEAMAN J. Richard Seaman Sharon area, 1929+
SEE Heather See Koech
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See, George W.B11/1806 d.9/11/1889 married Mariah Williamson daughter Jacob
Willis B1832...Desdamonia Pelton B. Ohio
Hiram B 1832....Louisa ?
Harvey B 1848
Syrenus B1840...Cordelia Mc Bride
Mary B1854
Jennie B6/17/1854 married a Dunn
George born Delaware, all children born Pa, Lived Sheakleyville, Sandy Lake Believe George W. father to be William E Fallowfield Crawford county. Brothers? William and Cazier. Uncles or brothers Benjamin Crawford County, Ricard A. Scioto County Ohio.
SEELEY Donna Hummel James Walsworth 1838-1899 Mercer Co., PA
Louisa ____ Walsworth 1846-1934 Mercer Co. PA.
Annie Walsworth Caution--1866 {England} -1958 Mercer Co., PA
Wilbur Caution--1910 Shenango township Census, was 44 years old and at the time he & Annie had been married 25 years.
Joseph Walter Caution 09-10-1886---09-12-1927 Mercer Co., PA
Charles William Caution June-23-1896--May 1960 Mercer Co., PA
Louisa Caution Seeley Oct.-18-1900--May-28-1991 Mercer Co., PA
Alex Hollibaugh died about 1910 or 1911
Susan Rankin Hollibaugh (Buried in New Castle, PA)
Elsie Irene Hollibaugh Caution April-17-1896 PA [not sure county
SEGFRID Rebecca Ramsey Desc of Daniel George Ramsey
SEIBLE Sue Cubic  
SEIPLE Steve Seiple  
SEIPLE Arlene N. May Orangeville
SEIPLE Heather Reash  
SEISLEY Steve Seiple  
SEMANCIK Mike Shemancik See Shemancik
SEME Anna in MN  
SEMPLE Roy Sample  
SEMPLE Patricia Ewing David died 1813 Salem twp, Mercer County
SETTLE Daniel Settle Fredonia, Farrell, Mercer
SHAFER Edna May Whitling Shafer Richard Lewis Shafer, Father of Russell Addison Shafer
SHAFER Sally Beckstine Glisan  
SHAFER Mark Davenport  
SHAFFER Marcia Sabol  
SHAFFER Tim Shaffer Stoneboro
SHAFFER James Augustus Shaffer Kennerdale, PA
SHAKELY Steve Seiple  
SHANK Jonothan Shank m. Mary Bartholomew
SHANNON Sharon Haggerty
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Mary Shannon, wife of George Haggerty
SHANNON Jane Stratton-Boast  
SHANNON Wendell Hayes Northern Mercer County, 1840s- 1860s.
SHANNON R. Corrigan 1800-1899 New Vernon
SHARP Harry late 1700s - early 1800s
SHARP Debbie Larkin Thomas, b. Scotland, settled in Sandy Lake area
SHAVER Marcia Sabol  
SHAW Walt in Colorado Jessie Shaw
SHAW Candace L. Millsop
SHAW Shelly Zelma b. 1878 m. William Elmer Thompson
SHEAKLEY Chuck Coulter  
SHEAKLEY Lynne Nuibe George & 1st wife Mary "Polly" Wallace
SHEAKLEY Steve Seiple  
SHELL Esther McDermott  
SHELLITO Beth Rollinson  
SHELLITO Patricia Mischler  
SHELLITO Patrick M. Shellito  
SHEMANCIK Mike Shemancik Researching Shemancik and Semancik (original spelling)
Especially interested in information on original immigrants who settled in Sharon/Sharpsville from 1898-1921. Also interested in information on the Carpatho-Rusyn region they originated from - Blazov, Austria-Hungary (also known as Balazsvagas, Hungary)
SHEPARDSON Scott MacDonald Clyde Shepardson & Twila McDonald
SHIELDS Candace Millsop James Shields, son of John Shields & Mary McMeans, was born November 26 (?), 1773 in Armagh Co., Tyrone, Ireland. He married Margaret Walker, June 3, 1802.Both are buried in Deer Creek graveyard. Children are: Mary (Davidson), John, Elizabeth (Smith), Anna (Davidson), Robert W., James and Sarah (McBride).
SHILLITO Beth Rollinson  
SHIPTON Treva J. Simmons 3/31/2023 New e-mail needed for Treva 
SHOEMAKER Richard Bitting John b in Lehigh Co. > West Salem Township bef 1840, m Christina Falk
SHOLLER Flora Schaller  
SHOLLENBERGER John Shollenberger lived in Hadley abt 1886, moved to Warren PA sometime after
SHONCE Donna Jewell Horvath from Germany
SHOTTENBERG Wes Schotten  
SHONTZ Donna Jewell Horvath from Germany
SHOWALTER Beverly Carter Francis M. GLASS b 1851 Mercer Co. h/o Frances I. BURNSIDE b 1859 Lawrence Co. His parents were Jacob and Sarah Ann FURY GLASS(E). Her parents were James and Catherine HOWE BURNSIDE. Their dtr, Clara GLASS SHOWALTER, is my grandmother.
SHOWER Barbara Delaware Twp, 1820-1900
SHULER Fay McIntyre Cali  
SHULER Flora Schaller  
SIDLEY David J. Amos
SIKES Joan Oeck  
SILVEUS Richard_Winder  
SIMCOX William Unangst  
Laura Mattingly 1850 Cool Spring Twp census
#986 Simons, Lebius age 25, born PA Carpenter
Ruth, age 30, born PA
Rachel, age 8, born PA
Rosilla, age 6, born PA
Loisa, age 4, born PA
William, age 8m, born pA
Looking for more information on this family!
SIMMONS Brenda Simmons Johnston Great Great grandfather Benjamin C. or F. Simmons b:  July 22, 1822 Mercer County, Pa. Possible father either James or Elijah (Elisha) Simmons.Benjamin resurfaces getting married in 1843 Clark County, MO.
SIMONS Laura Mattingly See Simmons
SIMPKINS Fran Enoch Simpkins
SIMPSON Miriam  
SIMPSON Donna Miller  
SIMPSON Ralph Sutton  
SISLEY Steve Seiple  
SISLEY Linda  
SITLERRobert DykstraSitler, Henry L.  - son of Jacob Sitler, Fairfield Twp.???  Born 1837, left Crawford for KS in 1865, married Emma Harper of Crawford County in 1875, died in 1917.  Would love to have info on Henry's family and kin in Crawford Co..
SITTIG Gene Sittig  
SLATER Carol S. Zapolnik  
SLATER Brian Slater James & Wm Slater, Derbyshire, England in 1830.
SLATER Maxine McConnell  
SLATER Chuck Coulter  
SLATER Elaine Gano Jacob Slater
SLAUGHENHOUR Esther Frye Forsberg more information
SLOGGY Mark Davenport  
SMALLWOOD Cath Wilkins Sarah Smallwood 1881-82
SMEAL Bob McKeon SMEAL, Gotlieb (William) & Hannah (Hettie) JONES; Children: Mary E. 5yrs old in 1880 census & William W., 3 yrs old in 1880.  Resided Sharpsville.
SMITH Bill & Suzie Hawk  
SMITH Gary Fetterolf Parents of Nancy Jane m. David Fetterolf
SMITH Carol Hedglin Senior  
SMITH Gary Fetterolf Parents of Kate m. Pendergast
SMITH Maxine McConnell  
SMITH Steve Seiple  
SMITH Norris Burdette John B.,1818-1869,Worth, Pulaski Twp. Mercer Co.,& Mineral Twp. Venango Co.
SMITH Deb Logan  
SMITH Lois William A. Smith, Grove City
SMITH Phil Gilmore Sr. more information
SMITH John Oakes Hawthorne  
SMITH Donna  
SMITH Phil Legal  
SMITH Kathy BB  
SMITH Walt in Colorado Sarah Jane Smith
SMITH Brooke Anderson Samuel and Rebecca Simpson Smith
SNAPE Patti Henry & Anna Plant Snape, England>Mercer Co 1907
SNIDER Roger Redmond  
SNIDER Barb Webb
SNODGRASS Evelyn Anderson Ireland>Mercer Co by 1810
SNODGRASS Chuck Coulter  
SNYDER Roger Redmond  
SNYDER Rick R. Snyder  
SNYDER David A. Snyder  
SNYDER Lyle Richard Snyder  
SNYDER Pamela Palmer  
SNYDER Dan Terry  
SNYDER Larry Tunison  
SNYDER Charles Means  
SNYDER Phil Legal  
SNYDER Kimberly Mulcahy Lindenfeld Hempfield Twp, 1850s
SNYDER Janelle Martin Samuel VonNieda, b. abt. 1825 married Sarah Snyder, b. abt. 1833 (dau. of John & Susannah Snyder)
Jacob Vonnieda, who wrote will dated 1889 in Mercer Co., PA was son of Jacob VonNieda of Cocalico, Lancaster Co., PA.
SNYDER George Anderson  
(aka Schneidawin)
Robert C. Snyderwine,Sr Schneidawin, Michael and Margaret arr Hickory Twp 1860 listed on 1860 census as Snyderwin Snyderwine, Leo and Evangeline m 1924 parents of Robert, Margaret and L.Thomas (Msgr)
SOLIDAY Theresa Harkless Woods  
SOPHER Ralph Sutton  
SOPHER Walt in Colorado Mary Etta Sopher
SOPHER Patricia L. Moffo
SOPHER Marie Godwin Rose more information
SOWASH Theresa Harkless Woods  
SOWERS Jennifer Mawdsley John, b. Mercer Co. abt 1827-30
SPANGLER Randy Seaver David Spangler, York PA
SPEAK Kaye Donaldson-Asbill  
SPEARMAN Lena Briles Josephine, m. William N. Donaldson Mercer Co., 1870
SPEAR Lois Wilson Spear:
East Lackawannock, New Liberty
Time frame:  1830 - 1900
Given names:  James (born in Washington County), Matilda (her married name was Spear), Sarah, Hannah, Rachael Samalda, James W. (James son, was in Civil War)

Wilson / Willson:
East Lackawannock Township
Given names:  Samuel (born in Virginia), Harry, Huldah, Millie
Time frame:  1850 - 1900
SPEARS Kim Mary Ann Winner Spears abt 1815-75 & Sara Jane Winner Spears abt 1817-80
SPEEK Kaye Donaldson-Asbill  
SPEIR Beth Rollinson  
SPEIR Scott MacDonald Harry and Addie Hughey Speir
SPEIR Evelyn Anderson Scotland>PA by 1795
SPENCE J. Kurt Spence Polly Spence, w/o William, 1830s Lackawannock Twp, Wolf Creek
SPISAK Kathleen Joanne Spisak Smith William Baker m Elizabeth Hilke
daughter Minnie Mae Baker m (1915) John Joseph Spisak
daughter Kathleen Joanne Spisak m (1957) Floyd Gordon Smith
SPLITSTONE James J. English 1700s - 1900
SPORY Beth Rollinson  
SPRONG Jim Young  
SPROTT Joe Harris  
SPRUNG Jim Young  
SPRUNG Dee Dee King Wm & Mary, 1850 Sandy Creek, Mary aka? Anna Marie George d/o Philip Georg 
STANKO Janet Stanko  
STANTON Tom Felt  
STAUM Jane Stratton-Boast  
STEBLAJ Anna in MN  
STEBLAY Anna in MN  
STEIBLY Anna in MN  
STEELE David D. Sheilds Abram Steele Sheakleyville, Pa. d. Apr.2, 1899; Obit. says buried in Sheakleyville. Where? I can't locate.
Mr. Steele was my great grandfather. He operated an iron foundry in Sheakleyville.
STEEN Bill & Suzie Hawk  
STEINENGER Gary Fetterolf  
STEISTER Kim Macklin Fredonia, Delaware Twp.  Alexander Mitchell m. Sara Jane ? Raws? 1850's. He was killed in Civil War. She may have remarried a man named McCartny.  He also may have had a sister Mary Jane b. 5/15/1824 who married a Steister.
Wright - William Wright m. Elizabeth Steister. William b. 1822 d. 1893. Lived in Jefferson Twp Pa area
Fair - William Fair m. Matilda Jane.  Civil War Veteran. Two sons Edward & Harry and two daughters first names unknown.  died 1916.
STENGER Dan Terry  
STEPHENSON Marlene Norris Mary Stevenson married Thomas Jefferson ALLYN in Mercer Co PA in 1830. Have picture of Henry MacDonald and wife. He was born 1847 in Scotland, she in England in 1846. Daughter Marion married a Bowman from Mercer Co PA. Harper's married into the Stevenson family
STEPHENSON Donald Stephenson James A. Stephenson born 1823 died 1881 Springfield twp. Mercer co. Pa. Josiah Stephenson born 1798 in Pa. and died 1884 in Shenango Twp., Pa. John Stephenson born 1795 in Pa. died in 1848 in Mercer Co. Pa.
James was son of John Stephenson and Josiah was John's brother. This according to court records from Mercer Co. Pa. 1849-1850 court records.
STEPHENSON Patricia Penny James and Hannah, Stoneboro 1862-79
STEVENSON Marlene Norris Mary Stevenson married Thomas Jefferson ALLYN in Mercer Co PA in 1830. Have picture of Henry MacDonald and wife. He was born 1847 in Scotland, she in England in 1846. Daughter Marion married a Bowman from Mercer Co PA. Harper's married into the Stevenson family
STEWART Robert Laurie Stewart  
STEWART Laurel Anderson Lt. William, m. Mary Gass
STEWART Bob Stewart Stewart, Charles -   Deer Creek Twp. before 1840; wife - Sarah; children - Andrew Jackson, Samuel, Joseph, Charlotte, Alfred, John, Charles, Margaret, Mary, Rachel 
STEWART Janice Worley  
STEWART Carl Jackson  
STEWART Kim Macklin Franklin Co >Westmoreland Co >Hubbard OH >Mercer Co
STEWART Paula Wentsel Thomas & Mary Ann (Tree) Stewart (see bible postings), children: John W. (married Elizabeth Baker or Becker), Sarah Ellen, Mary Jane, Lucy Ann (married Dallas Roberts), William Andrew (married Julia Elizabeth Roberts), Nancy Elizabeth (married Christopher Baker), Thomas MILES (married Martha Maxwell),  Margarete (Maggie married 3 times, McCarnahan - McCommon - Haines, her husbands preceded her in death), Anna Bell.  Tom's second wife was Sarah (?) and their son was Silas (Cylas).
STEWART Cornelia Warner John William Reed m. Mary Buckias, children; Amanda, Susannah, James, Hannah, Mary Jane, Daniel, John, Samuel, and Melissa.
William Denniston m. Jane Stewart, children; Sarah, Andrew, John, Martha, James, Thomas, William, and Mary Amelia. 
STILES Walt in Colorado  
STIMPLE Alice Meade Coolspring & Jackson Twp, 1800s-1900s
STINER John E. Simeral Greenville, 1850-1920
STOFFER Pat Collins  
STOKE Kathy Stoke Fiely 1860 French Creek, Mercer Co.
Henry Stoke and his wife Susanna
their children:
Robert, John, Simon, Catherine, Melissa, Jacob and Caroline
Malachai/Melkia Stoke & family
STOKES Kathy Stoke Fiely Malachai/Melkia Stokes & family
STOKLEY Benny Rhoads  
STONER Ed McClelland  
STONER Laura Tyler  
STOTLER Ed McClelland  
STOWE Pamela L. Palmer Mercer Borough
STOWE Judy Howard  
STRAIGHT S. Beireis Sandy Creek, 1800-1850?
STRAIN Susan Strain Solver James, b. 14 Aug 1830
STRANAHAN Mary Taylor  
STRATTON James J. Stratton
(Need new email address for Mr. Stratton)
Stratton James P., Delaware Township, 1960 to present, born 1938 McKeesport-Pittsburgh to James J. Stratton and Bernice Montgomery Stratton. Married Mary Jo McElhinny in 1965.  Two children James J.(1966), and Elizabeth (1973)
STREIGHT Steve Seiple  
STREIGHT S. Beireis Sandy Creek, 1800-1850?
STREIT S. Beireis Sandy Creek, 1800-1850?
STRIGHT Steve Seiple  
STRIGHT Ed Scriven Married into Scriven line
STRIGHT Jean Edwards  
STRIGHT S. Beireis Sandy Creek, 1800-1850?
STROEBEL Claudia Manly  
STROSSER Amy Smith  
STRUCHEN Jane Auchter Williams  
STUDEBAKER Ed McClelland  
STUDEBAKER Janice Worley  
STUVER William Unangst  
STUVER Susan McLaughlin  
STUVER Elaine Gano Trumbull Co, OH & Mercer Co
STUYVESANT Dennis Stuyvesant  
SUPLEE Deb Logan maternal great grandmother
SUPPLEE Deb Logan maternal great grandmother
SUTTON Elna Sue Buckner  
SUTTON Chuck Coulter  
SUTTON Claire Wichelmann Johnston Denniston & Anna Sutton, Wolf Creek 1802
SWAGGER Candace L. Millsop
SWAN Kaye Donaldson-Asbill  
SWARTS Theresa Harkless Woods  
SWARTZ Theresa Harkless Woods  
SWARTZ Gina Thomas Patterson  
SWARTZFAGER Mary Lynne Nelson Nelson -  Archibald Nelson, Sharpsville, 1870-1920; and John Nelson, Hermitage 1870-1885, Grove City c.1885 - c. 1910)
Mehl - John Mehl, J.J. Mehl, Sharpsville
SWEAT Maxine McConnell  
SWEENEY Diane Nelson Stewart  
SWEESY Pat Collins  
SWEESY Karen Kimball  
SWEESY Sharon Haggerty  
SWOGGER Roxanne Stockslager  
SWOGGER Candace L. Millsop
SYKES Linda Doyle Genik
(Need new email addr for Linda)
Joseph SYKES b. 1807, Sheffield, England, came to U.S. 1829, m. Mary Ann MCCULLOUGH, in 1831; b. 1812, Mercer Co. PA. eight issues of this union. Joseph d. 1892, Mercer Co., Mary Ann d. 1896, same. More info available.
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