Mercer County 

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PAINE Jim Payne Henry Paine, 1826-1872, West Middlesex
PALMER Miriam  
PALMER Ron Palmer  
PARKER Maxine McConnell  
PARKER Marie Bird William Scott and his wife, Sarah Parker.  At one time he owned the whole town.  I'm looking for information on Sarah Parkers family.  His cemetery was turned into a parking lot for a church after he died. She went to Iowa with her children. She is buried in Scott Co., Iowa Marie Schaeffer Bird
PARKER Evelyn Anderson NJ>Mercer Co. by 1810
PARKER Lonnie Boggs Sharon, abt 1900
PARKER Gail Vanderhoof Parker John & Hannah Milhouse ch Abigail in Sandy Lake, Lake, Coolspring
PARKER Alice Meade Coolspring & Jackson Twp, 1800s-1900s
PARSHALL Claudia  
PARTRIDGE Steve Seiple  
PASTORE Pam Pastore Nichols more information
PATTERSON Leith Ann Bierman  
PATTERSON Patricia Penny Ellen Patterson
PATTERSON John Hummel Mercer, Venango, Clearfield Cos
PATTERSON Gina Thomas Patterson PATTERSON, William b. ca 1813 Mercer Co. PA died before 1880, wife Margaret b. ca 1819 Butler Co., PA, d. after 1899 (parents unknown), Samuel C. Patterson b. 1842 Butler Co. PA, died September 1912, Sharon PA, Hannah Margaret (Harper) Patterson, b. Oct 1850 Butler Co., died Fall 1915 in Sharon, PA.
PATTERSON Jim Wilson  
PATTERSON Laura Tyler  
PATTON Gayle Hyde  
PATTON Arthur Bielfelt  
PAULEY Miriam  
PAULEY Kim Macklin  
PAXTON Lesta Bestwick Hemstreet  
PAYNE Barbara Payne Kelley Miles C. "M.C." Payne b.1839 Mercer Co.
PEAIRS Cathy early 1800's
PEARSON Ralph Newton  
PEARSON Doris Mc Elwain Law  
PEARSON Alice Meade Coolspring & Jackson Twp, 1800s-1900s
PEBBLES William Pebbles  
PECK Jerry Peck Charles & Laura Clawson Peck; Sharon
PEIFFER Vinita Shaw  
PENMAN Doris McLaughlin Williams  
PENNIMAN Judy Nashtock more information
PENROD Linda J. Atkins Nancy
PERINE Maxine McConnell  
PERKINS Rebecca Ramsey Desc of Daniel George Ramsey
PERMAR Charlene Mercer and Lawrence Co
PERRINE Maxine McConnell has a lot of info and book the "The Huguenot"
PERRINE Gammon-Joseph Dean Perrine
PERRINE Janice Davis  
PERSCH Beth Rollinson  
PERSCHKA Jane Auchter Williams  
PERRY Anne Gilbert Researching Perry, Boyer, Cribbs, Milliron.  My grandfather John William Perry b. Jan 25, 1877, married Clara Elizabeth Boyer b. Nov 27, 1877 on Nov 15, 1900.  They moved to Mahoning Co early 1900's.
My records of Perry line started with census 1870, Hickory Twp with Perry, John, wife Anna, both 70 yrs and son Joseph, 19 yrs all born in England...Joseph married Permelia Van Horn, daughter of William Van Horn and Harriett Darrow.  John William Perry and Joseph Edward Perry were sons.
Boyer records start with Andrew Boyer, dob abt 1835-36;married 1853-1854 Clarissa Cribbs dob 1834; had son William O Boyer dob abt 1853; he married Martha (maiden name unknown); had daughter Clara Elizabeth Boyer and son Clyde O. Boyer....
Found Andrew Boyer headstone in Blacktown Cemetary, Springfield Twp--- b.1835, d.1869  Co F 57 RPV.
PETERS Candace L. Millsop  
PETERSON Elna Sue Buckner  
PETREKOVICH Betty Allen Woodrow William Allen
born New Castle, PA 3/27/19
fathers name was Dan Jenkins
married Pauline Komar 7/3/42
born in Yugoslavia
lived in Farrell, PA around 1910
PETTIT Twila Smith  
PEW Tracy Hunter Lackawannock, Mercer, Hickory, Sharon, Hermitage 
PEW Marcia Sabol  
PHENICE Meridith Gibson  
PHENICIE Meridith Gibson  
PHILLIPS Stephen Theiss  
PHILLIPS Timothy Bennett Jackson (1850-1910) & Helena Mirinda (1851-1920), Pine Grove 1880
PHILLIPS Joan Oeck  
PHILLIPS William Phillips  
PHIPPS Ralph Sutton  
PIACEK A J Fulcher  
We have the RODENMAYER/RODEMOYER/RODENMEYER ancestry traced back to about 1645 and would enjoy communicating with anyone with connections to our family.  Please contact me.
PITNER Debbie Moors George W., b. Sharon 1847, brothers Levi, John
POKALBA Victoria Cripps-Sauer  
POKER Joan Oeck  
POLLEY Robert Polley Dr Josiah Polley m. Jane Cleland 1823 Mercer Co., PA
POLLEY Kimberly Mulcahy Lindenfeld Pymatuning Twp, 1850s
POLLOCK Gerald W. Pollock, Jr. Sharon
POLONUS Carol in Sharon
PONCER Anna in MN  
POOL Nancy Brower  
POPA Diana Rodgers
PORTER Paul V. Hofius  
PORTER Marcia Sabol  
PORTER Linda Rolufs  
PORTER Carolyn M. Porter Patterson John W. & Ella M., West Middlesex, 1870
PORTER Maxine McConnell  
PORTER Nancy Hamilton Gerhards
(need current email addr for Nancy)
desc of Alexander Porter, Sandy Lake
PORTER Janice in N. Idaho David Porter m. Charlotte Moore 1860-1870
PORTER Carlos N. Olvera  
PORTER Laurie Jensen Samuel Porter son of Samuel Porter and Elizabeth Cochran
PORTER Kim Macklin  
POTTER Jim & Betty Rust  
POUNDS Pat Collins  
POUNDS Karen Kimball Shenango Twp
POUNDS M. H. Sluder  
POWELL Carol Jacob "Jake", m. Martha M Beringer Burgess abt 1880-1884
POWELL Jennifer Burkhead  
POWELL Irene Painter  
POWELL Virgil Calvin  
POWERS Evelyn Anderson Michael Powers m. Phoebe Lossee abt 1820
POWERS Diane Junk Riley West Salem twp
PRATT Debra Proctor Owens  
PRESCOT Phyllis Paula Jones-McLaughlin JONES  - Robert born February 1855 in Pennsylvania.  His father was born in Kentucky; his mother, Pennsylvania.
JONES  - Mary L. (previously married to a PRESCOTT) born October 1857 in Pennsylvania.  Her father and mother were born in Pennsylvania
PRESCOT - Ely born June 1883 in Pennsylvania
PRESCOT - Thomas born May 1885 in Pennsylvania
JONES - Ernest born May 1896 in Pennsylvania and
JONES - Paul Newton born August 1897 in Pennsylvania
In 1900 the family lived in Mercer County, District 148 
PRESTON Preston Orwig Crocker  
PRICE Linda  
PRINE Maxine McConnell  
PRINE Gammon-Joseph Dean Perrine
PRINGLE Tyrella Pringle Thomas Pringle, Robert M., John Neeley
PROCTOR Debra Proctor Owens  
PROUD Linda Scott Stoneboro & Shenango Twp
PUE Marcia Sabol  
PUGH Tom Kolepp  
PUHL Margie Myers  
QUILLEN Janet Krompier
QUILLIN Janet Krompier
QUINN William Pebbles  
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