Mercer County 

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Surname Researcher Additional Info
NASHTOCK Judy Nashtock more information
NEELEY Fran Mary Neeley
NELLIS Beverly Pfiel Paquet  
NELSON Dennis Lawrence William Nelson
NELSON Mary Lynne Nelson Archibald Nelson -  Archibald Nelson, Sharpsville, 1870-1920; and John Nelson, Hermitage 1870-1885, Grove City c.1885 - c. 1910)
Mehl - John Mehl, J.J. Mehl, Sharpsville
NELSON Cindy Crytzer Ida Caroline Nelson
NELSON Sally Metz  
NELSON Judy Nelson Cook  
NELSON Pamela Palmer
NELSON Susan Nelson Samuel M. Nelson
NELSON Beverly Liston  
NELSON Dorothy Campbell Harold and Dorothy
NELSON Chuck Coulter  
NELSON L. Ramsey Greene, York, Mercer Cos., 1770-1850
NELSON William Nelson b.1870> Lawrence Co.
NELSON Debra_Talbot  
NETHERLAND Rebecca Ramsey Desc of Daniel George Ramsey
NEWBOLD Chuck Coulter  
NEWTON Ralph Newton  
NEWTON Bob McKeon Isaac Newton & Hannah Jones
NICKEL Dave Nickel Sharpsville 1850+ Andrew J., Margaret J. (Augustine), Delilah (LaMont), Clifford A, Myron G & V. Leroy
NICKLIN Jean Edwards  
NICKLIN Natalie McElhinny  
NICKUM Carlos N. Olvera  
NIECE Kathryn Murphy Henry, Martha, Samuel E, Adline R., Charles E, Salem Twp, 1870 Census
NIKIRK Scott MacDonald William Nikirk & Margaret McDonald
NORTH Bettie Noel  (email addr removed due to no longer working)
NORTHCOTE Walt in Colorado  
NORTHEY Fran Robert Northey
NOVINGER Sarah Walker-Hitt married Henry Hoffman 6 Aug 1863 in Mercer Co.
NOVOSEL Betty Allen Woodrow William Allen
born New Castle, PA 3/27/19
fathers name was Dan Jenkins
married Pauline Komar 7/3/42
born in Yugoslavia
lived in Farrell, PA around 1910
NUHFER Michael Nuhfer George & Margaret, Coolspring, 1850
OAKES John Oakes Hawthorne  
OAKS Brenda Wayne  3/31/2023 Need new email addr for Brenda
OARY Karen Patterson  
O'CONNER Mary Beth Counts John & Hannah 1870 Findley twp.
O'CONNER Heather Reash  
O'CONNOR Mary Beth Counts John & Hannah 1870 Findley twp.
O'CONNOR Jane M. O'Connor Whiting  
O'CONNOR Jean Brauns Shenango & Cool Spring Twps, 1840s
O'DAY Tom Felt  
O'DAY Cathy Sheffler  
O'DONNELL Kitty Daniels Kutchmark 1800s-mid 1900s, Mercer, Washington &, Beaver Cos.
O'GRADY Tom Felt  
O'HARA Maurice O'Grady  
O'LEARY Don O'Leary  
OESTERMEIER Phyllis Mays Bush Mays and Ostermeier (Oestermeier)-- time frame is early 1900s, especially around 1910 to 1920. Names are Herbert Meade Mays, Henry Marvin Mays, Emma Ostermeier Mays, Lenora Mays, Charles Ostermeier, Sophia Ostermeier, Linda Ostermeier Ginther, Herman Ostermeier, William Ostermeier, Carl Ostermeier
Ostermeiers came from Indiana to Mercer Co (Sharon and Sharpsville) for several years and returened to Indiana before 1920. Original Mays are (I think) from Clarion Co and at some point Herbert came to Indiana and also returned to Mercer Co. during the same time period as the Ostermeiers. My dad, Henry Mays, attended elementary school in Sharon; his cousins Helen and Marie Ostermeier attended school in Sharpsville. Charles Ostermeier was a tailor and may have worked in a shop in Sharon. Herman was a truck driver and steel worker, but according to family anecdotes, left Sharpsville area in a hurry, fleeing from the law. Herbert Mays was a well driller (gas?)
OLDS Esther Frye Olds - married to Catherine Tuttle, born in CT and moved to Mercer Co., about 1835-400, who was raised in the home of John Duncan - Pymatuning Twp., according to the 1850 census.  Mr. Olds died and Catherine then married my grandfather, George W. Fry, born 1811.
OPITZ Jane Stratton-Boast  
OREY Karen Patterson  
ORGAN Bessie Euline Bennett Organ John & Jennie and Letha Organ & Ella & Robert Anderson & John Wilson Organ & Wallace Robert Organ & Ella Letha Organ. Other children died young. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Sharon Pa.
ORNDORFF Lori McLaren  
ORR Cassie Langley Brown  
ORR Janice Davis  
ORR D. Miess  
ORR Chuck Coulter  
ORR Frances Keller more information
ORRICK Cassie Langley Brown  
ORWIG Preston Orwig Crocker  
ORY Karen Patterson  
OSBORNE Linda Quigley  
OSBORNE Teresa Arcangel  
OSBORNE Tammy Setterquist  
OSBURN Walt in Colorado  
OSTERMEIER Phyllis Mays Bush
OTT Jacqueline Correa  
OURY Karen Patterson  
OWEN Donna Stahlman Orangeville
OWEN Peggy Orren & Mary Owen Family. Daughters: Mary born abt 1853, Emma abt 1855 and Araminta born 1857 in Mercer County.
By 1880 they were living in Clinton, Venango County.
Mary married James Lowry, Araminta married James Brooks
Emma never married. Sandy Lake Borough 1840 to 1870+
OWLDS Esther Forsberg Adaniram Owlds, listed on 1850 Census Sandy Lake Twp
OWREY Karen Patterson  
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