Mercer County 

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LACKEY Kenneth L. Anthony New Vernon, Lake, Shenango & Sandy Creek twps
LAFFERTY Carlos N. Olvera  
LAFFERTY Phyllis Lafferty Hess Lafferty, late 1790s
LALLY Diane Junk Riley Greenville
LAMBERT L. Miess  
LAMBRECHT Diana Rodgers
LAMONT Diane LeMonte Sweeney Hickory Township, Sharon Sharpsville 1850-1870s
LAMONT Howard M. Lamont Sharpsville, Hickory Twp., Lamont's Corners +, 1860+ 
LAMPKINS Betty Lampkins Kirklin George, Sharon, PA 1910 age 39, b. Chatam Va 
LANDERS Diane Junk Riley Greenville & West Salem twp
LANE Russ Ruhl COLEMAN, James b. ca 1890 Pa married ca 1915 moved Youngstown Ohio.
LANE, Mary b. ca 1890 Pa, Fa:Wales, Mo:Wales. From Sharon, Mercer, Pa.  Ca 1915 married James Coleman.  First child Annestisa b. ca 1915 in Youngstown Ohio.  Family found Youngstown 1920 census.
LANGIOTTI Cor Longiotti Greenville, 1913
LANGLEY Cassie Langley Brown  
LANIGAN Susan Elliott  
LANKOW Miriam  
LAPCEVICH John David Lapcevich  
LARIMAR Kelly Figiel  
LASSALLE Don Herman  
LARIMER Tom Felt  
LATIMER Jacqueline Emch Felix  
LATSHAW Ralph Sutton  
LAUER Justin L. Lauer Jefferson Twp, moved Sept 1999
LAUGHLIN Barbara Mayberry  
LAW Harold V. Burgess  
LAW Judy  
LAW Eleanor Law Johnson Law, Richard b.1768 Femanagh Co., Ireland Immigrated about 1919 with family. d. 11 Jul 1844 Jefferson, Mercer, Pa
Hunter, Ann  b.1766  Ireland  d.3 Dec 1838 Jefferson, Mercer Co., Pa
Baker, Elizabeth  b.1790  Va  md Law; md Clarkson
Clarkson, Richard b.1806 England; md Elizabeth Baker Law
Richard Law bn 2 April 1832  Mercer County, Pa
Moved to Logan Co., Ohio at early age...
LAW Pamela Palmer
LAW Doris Law Law, William Elliot 1815-1876 married Julia Ann McClain--children, Ephriam and Thomas--our family descended from Thomas who married Elizabeth Grove--children, Alletta, Oren, Maude, Minnie, Meade, Earl, Verner, and Albert O.--we are descended from Albert O. who married Olive Karns; children, Chalmers, Kenneth, and Albert L. who is my husbands father, married Gladys Elizabeth May Anderson--children, Albert W. (aka Skip),Elizabeth, Mary, and James
LAWRENCE Dennis Lawrence James Mann Lawrence
LAWRENCE Joyce Peck  
LAWSON Harold V. Burgess  
LAWSON Tom Robertshaw  
LAWTON Chuck Coulter  
LAZORISHAK T.R. Lazorishak Hermitage - abt 1920 +
LEACH Lyda E. Kowalski  
LEARY Don O'Leary  
LE DANE Bob Carouthers  
LEDNEY Kelly Figiel  
LEE Diana Rodgers
LEECH Jeri Linn Ira T., b. abt 1861 m. Velzora Christy
LEECH Deborah Fritz DeRoss  
LEGAL Phil Legal  
LEHNHOF Kurt Germany >Croatia >NY >Sharon 1910
LEINBERGER Debbie Hoffman  
LEININGER Esther Frye Forsberg more information
LEISHER Susan Lloyd LEISHER, Carrie.  Lived at 79 Oniontown Road until her death from appendicitis.  Lived in Greenville/Oniontown/Hamburgh area.  
She was the wife of Ralph William Buckley.
LEMONT Diane LeMonte Sweeney Hickory Township, Sharon Sharpsville  1850-1870's
LENGAUER Virginia Filer Anna, Walberg & John, Stoneboro,1876
LENIGAN Susan Elliott  
LENNIGAN Susan Elliott  
LEWIS Beth Lewis David & Margaret 1850 Hickory 
LEYDA Joan Oeck  
LEYDE Dan Terry  
LEYDE Joan Oeck  
LEYDE John Leyde  
LEYSHON Ellis Michaels Leyshon:  Looking for researchers of Daniel Leyshon, last known record 1930 Census Farrell, Mercer County, born abt. June 1864 in Wales, wife Gwenllian Michaels, born Sep 1865 Cambria County, PA, daughters Florence (b. 1902) and Gwendolyn (b. 1905).  I am related through wife Gwenllian's family.
Michaels:  Looking for descendents of Ellis Michaels, last known record 1930 Census Farrell, Mercer County, born 09 Mar 1863 in Cambria County, PA, wife Carrie Blair, born 10 Mar 1875 in Indiana County, son William Edward (b. Dec 1899), daughter Anna T. (b. 1913), daughter Esther B. (b. 1916). 
LIGGETT Jim & Betty Rust  
LIKENS Tom Darby  
LIKENS Pamela Palmer
LIMBER Diane Kennedy  
LIMBER Beth Rollinson  
LIMBER Pat Sheakleyville, Limber or Limbert around 1870 in Sheakleyville, Mercer County. Maurice, Ernest, Alfred, Smith and two sisters.
LIMBER Sharon Swanson  
LIMBERT Pat Sheakleyville, Limber or Limbert around 1870 in Sheakleyville, Mercer County. Maurice, Ernest, Alfred, Smith and two sisters.
LINDSAY Marcia Duggins LINDSAY (William, who marr. Elizabeth Roberts, Sugar Grove, around 1800)
LININGER Esther Forsberg  
LINN Steve Seiple  
LINN Jeri Linn James W. Linn 1814-1879, m. Eliza Donaldson 
LINSAY Harold V. Burgess  
LINT Mark Davenport  
LISTON Beverly Liston  
LITTLE Elaine Gano  
LITTLEJOHN Jan Bailey Hart  
LIVELY Rebecca Ramsey Desc Daniel George Ramsey
LIVERMORE Wayne Johnston  
LLOYD William Lyle Mercer  
LOGAN Deb Logan  
LOGUE Claudia Manley  
LOHR Gloria Lohr Wattoville Mary E. Bollinger b. 1846--7/22/1846  Born in MD. but don't know where. Married Jacob A. Lohr b.11/13/1842. She lived her married life with Jacob, in Mount Joy, Conswago Twsp. Adams Co. Pa. Left After Civil War for Iowa, where she lived, and passed away, in 1903 in Lohrville, Iowa. Town named by Jacob and Mary. Town is still here. They are my GGrandparents, and I live in Lohrville. I have no background on them at all, except birth dates, and where they lived after they married. If anyone knows of them would, appreciate an e-mail on anything, however small it maybe. Thank You. 
LONG Deb Logan Maternal 3rd great grandmother
LONG Bob Carouthers  
LONG Elna Sue Buckner  
LONG Chuck Coulter  
LONG Jeff Heintz  
LONG Elna Sue Buckner  
LONGIOTTI Cor Longiotti  
LOONEY Kathy Dillinger Bird  
LOOS Norris Burdette Hickory Township, 1870-1912
LOOS Stephen Theiss  
LOOS Shirley Anderson Mary Loos
LOOSER Rebecca Ramsey Desc of Daniel George Ramsey
LOSSEE Evelyn Anderson NJ > PA by 1800
LOVE Sharon Dulcich Mercer
LOVELAND Shelly Lucy Loveland
LOVELAND Tammy Donaldson  
LOVELL Ed McClelland  
LOWRY Dennis Lawrence Adam Lowry
LOWRY Peggy Orren & Mary Owen Family. Daughters: Mary born abt 1853, Emma abt 1855 and Araminta born 1857 in Mercer County.
By 1880 they were living in Clinton, Venango County.
Mary married James Lowry, Araminta married James Brooks
Emma never married. Sandy Lake Borough 1840 to 1870+
LOWRY Gail Vanderhoof Lowry John, James & Margaret, Jane in Coolspring Twp arrived 1798 to 1868
LUCE Bill & Suzie Hawk  
LUCE Cassie Langley Brown  
LUDWICK Trudy Belcher  
LUDWICK Harold Ludwick Sandy Lake township, abt 1790-1811
LUKACS Christy Crocker Stephen and Nancy
LUMLEY Bob Bowen  
LUSE Cassie Langley Brown  
LUSK Shelley Nancy b. 1849 m. Archy Thompson
LYNCH L. Dunn Fowler, Mary
C 1820  Sandy Lake
Married John Lynch
Son Sedgwick James Lynch  b 1822
LYNCH Pat Hoffman-Kregel Searching for info on William King, came to Sharon in the late 1800's from Redruth, Cornwall, England.  Wife's name, Mary Jane Merron.     Also the family of George Lynch, who had a son, Willis who married Clara Gard (?). 
LYNCH Bill Lynch Sandy Lake, 1820 more info
LYON Jacqueline Emch Felix  
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