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FAIR Kim Macklin Fair - William Fair m. Matilda Jane.  Civil War Veteran. Two sons Edward & Harry and two daughters first names unknown.  died 1916. 
FARRELL B. Geron I am researching David Farrell, postmaster and Civil War veteran from West Middlesex, PA.  Born in Ireland in 1837, and died in W. Middlesex 7-18-1913.  His wife was Roseanna McKean Farrell.  They had 3 daughters, Anna, Lillian, and Agnes.  Anna (Mrs. E. H. Pierce) and Lillian (1. Mrs. J. W. Hillier and 2. Mrs. M. J. Clarke) moved to Philadelphia after their marriage.  Agnes stayed in West Middlesex.  All had children, and they are the people I am searching for.
FARRELL Jan Johnston  
FARRELLY Cindy Kautzman  
FAULL Candace L. Millsop  
FAUSNAUGHT Susan McLaughlin  
FEAGUE Tracy Hunter Lackawannock, Mercer, Hickory, Sharon, Hermitage 
FEATHER Randy Seaver Cornelius Feather-Trumbull Co>Mercer Co.
FEATHER Pat Irish  
FEDEROLF Gary Fetterolf  
FEE Arnie Fee John Fee from County Fermanaugh Ireland about 1817,said to have settled Mercer County; one son named William Miller Fee married Mary Barnheisel was a doctor practiced in Niles, OH and Franklin, Mercer County before moving to Melbourne FL. died 1895 L would like to contact anyone researching John Fee and family, I will share any info I have in exchange.
FELL West Salem & Pymatuning
FERENCE Donna Jewell Horvath from Czechoslovakia
FERGUSON Paul V. Hofius  
FERGUSON Gretchen Pymatuning, Clarksville, Hickory & Sharon
FERN Maurice O'Grady  
FERRELL Jan Johnston  
FERRICK Suzie Hawk  
FETHEROLF Gary Fetterolf  
FETTEROLF Gary Fetterolf  
FILER Virginia Filer  
FINNESY Linda Richards  
FISCHER Tina Markus Lauritz Fischer, s 1898, bur. Busch Cemetery, b 1863, Denmark
FISHER Elaine Gano
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Sheakleyville area
FISHER Bev Mattocks Hopkins Shenango twp 1800-1830
FISHER Phil Legal  
FISHER Lesta Bestwick Hemstreet  
FISHER S. Beireis Joseph Franklin Fisher b 1836/37
FISHER Coe Fischer Hermitage, Late 1800s - 1927
FISHER Jean Edwards  
FITZGERALD Caroline FitzPierce  
FITZMARTIN Cathy Sheffler  
FLEMING Anita Barker  
FLEMING Laurel Anderson Susan 1818-1886 b Allegheny Co, d. Mercer, m. John Young Stewart
FLICK John Emery Flick Sandy Creek, Sheakleyville, Hadley
FLICK Alyce Madison Sandy Creek> Dekalb Co IL> Fillmore Co NE
FLICKINGER Carol Hedglin Senior  
FLICKNER Donna Miller  
FLYNN Bill & Susie Hawk  
FOGEL Candace L. Millsop  
FONNER Linda Springfield & Hempfield Twps
FORBES Karen Kimball Sandy Creek Twp
FORBES Sharon Haggerty George & Sarah Forbes, Sandy Lake Twp
FORD Barbara Weaver Robert, Henry, Thomas, Caroline, Laura, Emeline 1800s
FORINGER Marge McConnell Rachel m Abraham Barnhart > Armstrong Co.
FORKER Phil Gilmore Sr.
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FORREST Frances Keller more information
FORREST Melanie Vadzemnieks Particularly interested in contacting descendants of Munson W. Forrest (1840-1898) and Rebecca Donley (1843-1938).
FORRESTER Carol Hedglin Senior  
FOSTER Bruce A. Julseth  
FOSTER Karen Patterson Hugh, m. Mary McCullough, Liberty Twp
FOULK Marilyn Mills Hesse  
FOULK John R. Alstadt Lordstown, OH > West Salem Twp 1800- 1900
FOWLER Carole Johnston Narut My grandfather: Charles Austin Johnston b. 1880/82, Sharpsville, PA
Great-grandfather: William Thomas Johnston b. Scotland
Great-grandmother: Mamie (Mary Ann) Fowler
FOWLER Bill Lynch Fowler, Mary
C 1820  Sandy Lake
Married John Lynch
Son Sedgwick James Lynch  b 1822
FOX William Unangst  
FOX Tammy Setterquist  
FOXALL William L Mercer  
FOY Tammy Donaldson  
FRANKLIN Helen Knowles  
FRANKLIN Sandra Franklin Houser I am looking for any info on a Hiram Franklin m. Mary Heckman had 2 sons named William and Benjamin. Hiram was born about 1833. He also had a daughter Emma. He may be buried in Cloud Co., KS.
FRASHER M. H. Sluder  
FRAZIER Melba Johnson  
FRAZIER Charlene Frazier Fisher Tom Frazier, 1920s
FRAZIER John R. Frazier  
FRAZIER M H. Sluder  
FREE Earl Chandler Addison D., b. 1851 PA, m. Mary Ann Vaughn, f/o Cora, Elzora, Otis. Sheakleyville>Akron OH>IN 1900
FREEMAN John Hummel Mercer, Venango, Clearfield Cos
FRENCH Trudy Belcher  
FRITS Deborah Fritz DeRoss Salem and Delaware Twps.
FRITTS Deborah Fritz DeRoss Salem and Delaware Twps.
FRITZ Deborah Fritz DeRoss Salem and Delaware Twps.
FRY Esther Frye Forsberg more information
FRY Don Karr  
FRY Sharon Oltmans Anna Elizabeth, b near Sharon 1844, d/o James
FRYE Esther Frye Forsberg Olds - married to Catherine Tuttle, born in CT and moved to Mercer Co., about 1835-400, who was raised in the home of John Duncan - Pymatuning Twp., according to the 1850 census.  Mr. Olds died and Catherine then married my grandfather, George W. Fry, born 1811.
FRYE Don Karr  
FRYE Elaine Hays FRYE, Thomas born c. 1800  - Spouse:  Mary FRYE, Sarah (daughter of Thomas and Mary Frye)c.1838-1918  Spouse:  William Seaburn 1833-1914
SEABURN, Henry born c. 1796 Spouse: Elizabeth
SEABURN, William (son of Henry & Elizabeth Seaburn)  1833-1914 - Civil War Veteran  125th Ohio Infantry Company C.  Wounded at the battle of Missionary Ridge (near Chattanooga, Tennessee) November 25,1863  Spouse:  Sarah Frye c. 1838-1918
Children of William & Sarah:  Julia, Benjamin, David, Nettie, William, Matilda, Minerva, Mary Jane, Louise, George
FUREY Pamela Palmer
FUREY Valerie Spear Bowman
FURY Pamela Palmer
FURY Beverly Carter Francis M. GLASS b 1851 Mercer Co. h/o Frances I. BURNSIDE b 1859 Lawrence Co. His parents were Jacob and Sarah Ann FURY GLASS(E). Her parents were James and Catherine HOWE BURNSIDE. Their dtr, Clara GLASS SHOWALTER, is my grandmother.
FYE Alan Schafer  
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