Mercer County

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EAGLIN Harry E. Hackney 1790 -1820
EAKIN Emma Jean Smith  
EAKIN Gerald Coulter  
EALY Ronda Chaya  
EARLY Karen DeSanno Delaware Twp, abt 1817
EASTLICK Kim Macklin Evelyn 1877-1936, dau of James, Fredonia, Delaware Twp.
EATON John J. Inbody Daniel Inbody, time frame-1806 to 1845
Koonce 1806 to 1845
Eaton 1840 to 1860
Booher 1800 to 1860

Margaret Inbody, m. ________ Koonce--Mercer Co. Pa
Margaret (Mary) (Polly)  m. Eaton ca. 1843 & 1846
Lydia Koonce? m. John Booher (1850c) John-55yrs; Lydia-49 yrs: Margaret-19 yrs; John L.-12 yrs; Amanda A. 9yrs: Sara, born ca, 1851; Lorenzo Booher.
"Polly" Booher,  m. _______Eaton. between 1843 and 1846
Koonce; Booher; Eaton;  Mercer Co, Pa. New Bedford-town area Inbody
Daniel Inbody has been in Mercer Co. Pa. since 1807, I can not seem to find much information on this family.
I do have his Will; Copy of his sale after he died, but that is about all. Margaret (Inbody) Koonce did not list a spouse in her Will in 1846. Margaret had a Daughter who m. John Booher, Lydia was born ca. 1801, according to the census of 1850,in Lawrence Co. Pa.   John 
EBERHART Nancy Brower  
EBERHART Jeffrey Franks Pymatuning, Clarksville, W. Salem 
ECHELBERGER Gerri Glosh H.T. Echelberger, Sandy Lake 1877
ECKELS William Eckles  
ECKELS Jean Edwards  
ECKERT Pamela Palmer
ECKHARDT Pamela Palmer
EDABURN Shirley Anderson  
EDEBURN Jerry Garrison  
EDEBURN Pat Collins  
EDEBURN Elaine Gano
(Need new e-mail for Elaine)
EDENBURN Shirley Anderson  
EBERHART Beth Rollinson  
EDIBORN Shirley Anderson  
EDIBURN John Price 1793-1900 West Middlesex
EDMUNDS Walt in Colorado Thomas P. Edmunds
EDMUNDS Lori McLaren  
EDWARDS Linda Richards  
EGBERT Maxine McConnell  
EGBERT Janice Davis  
EGGER D. Miess  
EHENGER Jen Doris Louise, b. 1932 d. 1959 
ELDER Ed McClelland  
ELDER Laurel Anderson Elizabeth, d/o David Elder & Margery Stewart, m. John Young
ELDER Harry late 1700s - early 1800s
ELLIOTT Simon Elliott > County Donegal, Ireland 1850
ELLIS William Pebbles  
ELLIS Jacque Knight Married a Melvin, a carriage maker
EMERY Robert Laurie Stewart  
EMERY Michele Arri I am looking for the parents of my GGG grandfather, Joseph EMERY (b. about 1822 in Mercer Co., PA / d. 1885 or later- prob. in Jasper Co., IA).  He married Elizabeth "UNKNOWN" and had at least four children: Mary L., T. Washington, Millie, and William H. Joseph and Elizabeth EMERY had moved to Jackson Co., Iowa sometime before June of 1851.  In 1871, the family moved to Jasper Co., Iowa (near Colfax) where Joseph and Elizabeth died and were buried.
EMERY Donna  
EMERY Judy Howard  
EMERY Bob McKeon Mercer & Lawrence Co: James H. b. 1842, Louisa, b. 1840, Harry b. 1864, Frank b. 1872, Luzella b. 1873 & John L. b. 1879
ENGLISH Don Karr  
ENGLISH James J. English 1700s - 1900
ENGLISH Christi Henley Fairview 1840-1880, Greenville 1880-1917
ESPY Jean-Philippe Chaumont Shenango Twp, bef 1851; Family of Robert Hamilton Espy 1805-75 >Scotch Grove, Iowa 1851 (Need new email for Jean-Philippe)
EUSTACE Ellen Scheffler  
EVANS Marge Cochran  
EVANS Scott MacDonald C.O. Evans & Cora McDonald
EVANS Donna Miller  
EVANS Carol Hedglin Senior  
EVANS Timothy D. Evans Allegheny County
EVANS researcher more information
EVERHART Jeffrey Franks Pymatuning, Clarksville, W. Salem
EWING Dorothy Parry Christiana, widow of William Ewing Ewings, early settlers in Mercer Co. 1795
EWING Patrick M. Shellito  
EWING Pat Collins  

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