Mercer County Surname List        "B"


Surname Researcher Additional Info
BABCOCK Nancy Pelligrino  
BACKHOUSE David C. Backus  
BACKUS David C. Backus  
BAER Deb Logan Aldenderfer / Baer
BAER Pamela Palmer
BAILEY Jan Bailey Hart  
BAIR Pat Pine Twp, Grove City, 1880s
BAIRD Marty Ringquist  
BAIRD Alicia Havens  
BAILEY Diane A. Kennedy  
BAKER Lloyd Welton  
BAKER Kathleen Joanne Spisak Smith William Baker m Elizabeth Hilke
daughter Minnie Mae Baker m (1915) John Joseph Spisak
daughter Kathleen Joanne Spisak m (1957) Floyd Gordon Smith

BAKER Eleanor Law Johnson Law, Richard b.1768 Femanagh Co., Ireland Immigrated about 1919 with family. d. 11 Jul 1844 Jefferson, Mercer, Pa
Hunter, Ann  b.1766  Ireland  d.3 Dec 1838 Jefferson, Mercer Co., Pa
Baker, Elizabeth  b.1790  Va  md Law; md Clarkson
Clarkson, Richard b.1806 England; md Elizabeth Baker Law
 Richard Law bn 2 April 1832  Mercer County, Pa
Moved to Logan Co., Ohio at early age...
Richard Clarkson

BAKER Edward E. Luckock
(Need a new email address for Mr. Luckock)
Mercer Co., Pa.  James C. Baker 1819-1867 married Rebecca Hays had ten children. Ida, Albert, Edwin, Sylvia, Emaline, Sarah, Nancy, Caroline, George, James
James C. Baker father was William Baker 1797-1865 married Elizabeth Seawright had eleven children Mary, Nancy, Dorothy, Harvey, Ellen, Eliza, Anna, Sarah, James C., William, Richard.

BALANTYNE Candace L. Millsop Ballentin/Ballantyne - John Ballantine m. Isable Campbell abt 1832, Scotland. Children: Mary, John C., Quintin Campbell, & Jean

BALL Eugenia Fee Dernosek  
BALL Charles T. Ball  
BRADLEY Paula Bradley 1870-1950
BALLENTINE Candace L. Millsop Ballentin/Ballantyne - John Ballantine m. Isable Campbell abt 1832, Scotland. Children: Mary, John C., Quintin Campbell, & Jean
BAPTISTE Beverly Liston  
BARAGER John Allen Dundee Mercer, Crawford, Juniata, Luzerne Counties
BARAN A J Fulcher  
BARBER Dennis Lawrence Adam Barber
BARBILLION Noreen McCann  
BARBOUR Patricia J. Mischler Jackson S.-d 4 Feb 1885, Sharpsville
BARKER Kathleen Gibson  
BARNES Linda Champanier  
BARNES Elaine Gano Samuel & Elizabeth Baker Barnes
BARNES Beverly Liston  
BARNES Roger Barnes Barnes, John. b around 1820/24. Married Elizabeth Wagner. Had a son Thomas b 1844 West Greenville, Pa.. My g grandfather.
BARNES Sandy Boyer Barnes  
BARNHARDT L. Ramsey York, Mercer Cos., 1770-1850
BARNHART Richard Harvey William, married Mabel Grier, 1916
BARNHART Marge McConnell Abraham m Rachel Foringer > Armstrong Co.
BARR Marcia Sabol  
BARRON A J Fulcher  
BARTHOLOMEW researcher Mary m. Jonothan Shank
BASHER John Metzger Sharon 
BASHOR John Metzger Sharon 
BATES Donna Jewell Horvath  
BAXTER Diana Rodgers
BEAM Don Prather  
BEAN William Bean Jr. Bean family of Greenville, Hugh Bean married Esther Keck.  The oldest child, Joseph Bean was born 1832.
BEAN Pat Bean Andrew, b abt 1760 m Betsey Kennedy, son Wm A. b abt 1780, John, Margaret & Jane
BEAVER Lynn DuChene John, Hickory twp, 1854-1861
BECKER Carol Hedglin Senior  
BECKER Virginia Walters Benjamin & Harriet Becker
BECKER Harry Becker Greenville 1860-1880
BECKMAN Joy Fulgham  
BECKSTEIN Noreen McCann  
BECKSTEIN Sally Beckstine Glisan  
BECKSTEIN Clara Hannah m. Henry Yonker, West Salem Twp
BECKSTINE Sally Beckstine Glisan  
BEGGS Brian D. White  
BEGGS Laurel Anderson  
BEIDLER John Allen Dundee Mercer, Crawford, Juniata, Luzerne Counties
BEIGHLEY Sylvia Burger Mercer Co 1830s-1840s,  Christian Beighley in Centre Twp 1840
BEIL Dan Terry  
BEIL Nancy Young  
BEIL Jane Auchter Williams  
BELL Myrna Boal Davis  
BELL Carlos N. Olvera  
BELL Jackie Shirley Hibbert Bell, m Minnie Wood, Sharon Pa, Hubbard, OH
BELL D. Allen Joseph and sister Lillian m. Davenport 1900s
BELL S. H. VanHorn Samuel, b. 26 Feb 1807, need  parents and siblings
BELL Susan Hardy VanHorn Samuel, Capt John & William Bell
BELL Marie Godwin Rose Jonathan Sopher b.1804 Newark, Essex Co., NJ m. 1821 Newark, Essex Co., NJ Charity Simpson b. 1804 New Providence, Essex Co., NJ 9 children.
Samuel Sopher b. 1833 Centertown, Mercer Co., PA m. Salena Frances Weston b. 1844 Venango Co., PA 6 children
Arminta Bell Sopher b.1872 Irwin TWP, Mercer Co., PA m. 1888 Seth Albert Guilinger b. 1869 Irwin TWP, Mercer Co., PA 4 children
Mary Frances Guilinger b. 1897 Sandy Lake, Mercer Co., PA. m about 1813 Ok Walter William Meeks b. 1897
BELLES Patty Williams BELLES, Dr. Reuben V. of Mercer, was a dentist and lived in town. He married Mary Matilda MARTIN probably of Butler Co., PA, where Reuben's parents and brother Frederick K. BELLES lived. Reuben and "Tillie" had one child, 'Freddie' who didn't survive past age 4.  Reuben had a sister-in-law named Amelia or Ameita HUMASON and a nephew Charles HUMASON. Would like to find more on this family.
BELLEVILLE William Lyle Mercer  
BENIC Sharon Luman  
BENJAMIN Fay McIntyre Cali  
BENNETT Timothy L. Bennett Grove City 1915 - present
BENNETT Ed McClelland  
BENTLEY Linda Jones James & Almira Bentley Sharpsville
BENTLEY Susan McLaughlin  
BENTLEY Elaine Gano James & Almira Bentley
BEREAN Lou Ann Mc Intyre Looking for the Berean Family that lived in Mercer
County, Pa. about 1830S-1870. Looking for Samuel O.
Berean and his wife Mary and their children. Some of
children were born in Mercer County. Daughter Etta
Mae Berean married John William Hedglin. They had six
children. John is buried in Shenango Valley Cemetery, Mercer County, PA.

BERRISFORD Carol Hedglin Senior  
BERRY Hal Lieder  
BESTWICK Lesta Bestwick Hemstreet  
BESTWICK Donna Miller  
BIGGART Ed Scriven Married into Scriven line
BIGGART A J Fulcher  
BIGGS Dawn Warner Bailey  
BIGLER Evelyn Anderson Jacob and Susan Dock
BILAK Shawn Bilak Lived in Hermitage 1962-82
BILKEY Shirley Daugherty Bilkey Family lived on Mercer Avenue in Sharpsville, PA
Mother - Mary Elizabeth, Father - Richard Louis
Children Ludema, William, Elmo, Charles, and Ruth

BILLIG William Billig Greenville
BILLINGS Ann Rose Lorenzo, born 1836, Sandy Creek
BLACK Sally Metz  
BLACK Pat Downer  
BLACK Lyle Richard Snyder  
BLACK researcher Henry Black & Polly Allegan, abt 1804
BLACK Dave Black  
BLACK Barbara Mayberry  
BLACK Kimberly John, William, Agnes and 
Annie Elizabeth Stark Black
BLACKAMORE Jean Edwards  
BLACKSTONE Maxine Hughes  
BLACKSTONE Carlos N. Olvera  
BLACKSTONE Linda Rodgers Stoner  
BLACKSTONE Stephen Blackstone  
BAILEY Arthur Bielfelt  
BLAIR Tom Kolepp  
BLAIR Dorothy Jones  
BLAIR Helen Knowles  
BLAND Karl M. & Marilyn Tait Johnson  
BLAZ Kelly Kotecki Farrell
BLEAKLEY Joan Oeck  
BLEVINS Linda Richards  
BLODGETT Gerri Glosh A.M. Blodgett, Fairfield, Crawford Co. 1877
BLOM Fay McIntyre Cali Grove City area
BLUMENSHINE Walter J. Knauff Peter 1827-1911 > Hesse Darmstadt, 1854
BOAL Myrna Boal Davis  
BOCK Jeff Heintz  
BOCOOK Heather Reash  
BOGGS Lonnie & Martha Boggs Sharon, abt 1900
BOHN John E. Simeral Greenville, 1850-1920
BOKER Joan Oeck  
BOLARD Bettie Noel  (email addr removed due to no longer working)
BOLE Cassie Langley Brown  
BOLES Thomas Edward Bole  
BOLES Cassie Langley Brown  
BOLLINGER Gloria Lohr Wattoville Mary E. Bollinger b. 1846--7/22/1846  Born in MD. but don't know where. Married Jacob A. Lohr b.11/13/1842. She lived her married life with Jacob, in Mount Joy, Conswago Twsp. Adams Co. Pa. Left After Civil War for Iowa, where she lived, and passed away, in 1903 in Lohrville, Iowa. Town named by Jacob and Mary. Town is still here. They are my GGrandparents, and I live in Lohrville. I have no background on them at all, except birth dates, and where they lived after they married. If anyone knows of them would, appreciate an e-mail on anything, however small it may be. Thank you.
BOLTON Susie Hawk  
BOLTON Donna  
BOOHER Norris Burdette  
BOOHER John J. Inbody Daniel Inbody, time frame-1806 to 1845
Koonce 1806 to 1845
Eaton 1840 to 1860
Booher 1800 to 1860
Margaret Inbody, m. ________ Koonce--Mercer Co. Pa
Margaret (Mary) (Polly)  m. Eaton ca. 1843 & 1846
Lydia Koonce? m. John Booher (1850c) John-55yrs; Lydia-49 yrs: Margaret-19 yrs; John L.-12 yrs; Amanda A. 9yrs: Sara, born ca, 1851; Lorenzo Booher.
"Polly" Booher,  m. _______Eaton. between 1843 and 1846
Koonce; Booher; Eaton;  Mercer Co, Pa. New Bedford-town area Inbody
Daniel Inbody has been in Mercer Co. Pa. since 1807, I can not seem to find much information on this family.
I do have his Will; Copy of his sale after he died, but that is about all. Margaret (Inbody) Koonce did not list a spouse in her Will in 1846. Margaret had a Daughter who m. John Booher, Lydia was born ca. 1801, according to the census of 1850,in Lawrence Co. Pa.   
BOOHER Joan Oeck  
BOOK Ed McClelland  
BOONE Robert J. Fiedor Charles, Hickory Twp, 1870
BOONE Susan Krepps Charles, Antis Twp, Huntingdon Co>Mercer Co, 1866-1870 
BOOTH Cindy Booth Maher  
BOOTH Lyle Richard Snyder  
BOOTH Rick R. Snyder  
BOOTH Elaine Gano Booth/McKnight
BOOTH Mary Booth  
BORLAND Isaac H. Borland  
BORLAND Gail Itschner + Rice line, Mercer Co>Iowa 1856
BORTNER Chuck Coulter  
BORTNER Ed Scriven Married into Craig line
BORTZ Laura Tyler  
BORTZ Phil Legal  
We have the RODENMAYER/RODEMOYER/RODENMEYER ancestry traced back to about 1645 and would enjoy communicating with anyone with connections to our family.  Please contact me.

BORTZ Sue Litzinger  
BOSTON Linda Champanier  
BOVARD Thomas T. Graham  
BOWDEN Arthur Bielfelt  
BOWEN Bob Bowen  
BOWERS L. Miess  
BOWIE Amy Bowie Hunter, m. Margaret Neilson, f/o Caty, Alexander, Isabelle, Joanna, Jennet, Joseph, Margaret & Ellen
BOWIE Lori Porter Moore Bowie - Mercer Co.   children of John and Catherine Bowie: Catherine, Jane, Alexander, Ellen, Euphamie, and Jennet
Crawford - Mercer Co - children of Robert and Lillias Crawford:  George, John, Robert, James, William, Jennett, and Adam

BOWLES Helen Knowles  
BOWMAN Gail Itschner also Rice line, Mercer Co> Iowa 1856
BOWMAN Marlene Norris Mary Stevenson married Thomas Jefferson ALLYN in Mercer Co PA in 1830.
Have picture of Henry MacDonald and wife. He was born 1847 in Scotland, she in England in 1846. Daughter Marion married a Bowman from Mercer Co PA.
Harper's married into the Stevenson family.

BOWMAN Bruce Keene
BOYD Sharon Haggerty James & Jane Boyd, Sandy Creek 
BOYD Linda Champanier  
BOYD Benny Rhoads  
BOYER Anne Gilbert Am researching Perry, Boyer, Cribbs, Milliron.  My grandfather John William Perry b. Jan 25, 1877, married Clara Elizabeth Boyer b. Nov 27, 1877 on Nov 15, 1900.  They moved to Mahoning Co early 1900's.
My records of Perry line started with census 1870, Hickory Twp with Perry, John, wife Anna, both 70 yrs and son Joseph, 19 yrs all born in England...Joseph married Permelia Van Horn, daughter of William Van Horn and Harriett Darrow.  John William Perry and Joseph Edward Perry were sons.
Boyer records start with Andrew Boyer, dob abt 1835-36;married 1853-1854 Clarissa Cribbs dob 1834; had son William O Boyer dob abt 1853; he married Martha (maiden name unknown); had daughter Clara Elizabeth Boyer and son Clyde O. Boyer....
Found Andrew Boyer headstone in Blacktown Cemetary, Springfield Twp--- b.1835, d.1869  Co F 57 RPV. Am new to these searches, so any help very much appreciated.

BOYLAN Bethany McFarland  
BRADLEY Paula Bradley 1800+
BRAINARD John Gilcrest  
BRAINERD John Gilcrest  
BRANNON Faye Ann Fair  
BRANZOVICH Tom Brenzovich Sharon, Hermitage, Farrell, Sharpsville area
BREAST Claudia Manly  
BREESE Candace L. Millsop Breese - John H Breese b 3/15/1888 m Mary Ballentine Briggs b 1/12/1896. Children: Isabell, William, Anna Jane, Emma Laurine, Helen Elizabeth, & Paul.
BRENIZER Molly Gill Jamestown, Greenville
BRENSOVIC Tom Brenzovich Sharon, Hermitage, Farrell, Sharpsville area
BRENZOVICH Tom Brenzovich Sharon, Hermitage, Farrell, Sharpsville area
BRENZOVICS Tom Brenzovich Sharon, Hermitage, Farrell, Sharpsville area
BRENZOVICZ Tom Brenzovich Sharon, Hermitage, Farrell, Sharpsville area
BREST Sherry Holmes  
BRETZ researcher  
BRIDGET Carol Hedglin Senior  
BRIGGS Candace L. Millsop Briggs - Curstairs Briggs b 6/2/1871 m Anna Millsop b 11/21/1874. Children: William Clarence, Isabel Beverage, Mary Ballentine, John Anderson, Helen Martha, George Washington, James, Paul "Pebby" & Clarence Quinton
BRIGGS William Lyle Mercer  
BRINDLE Harry Brindle 1840-1925
BROCKWAY Arlene N. May Orangeville
BROMLEY Beth Rollinson  
BROMLEY Sherry Holmes  
BRONSON Karla Bronson  
BROOKS Peggy Orren & Mary Owen Family. Daughters: Mary born abt 1853, Emma abt 1855 and Araminta born 1857 in Mercer County. By 1880 they were living in Clinton, Venango County. Mary married James Lowry, Araminta married James Brooks
Emma never married. Sandy Lake Borough 1840 to 1870+

BROWN Patrick J. Hurley  
BROWN Sheryl Findley Twp.
BROWN Kate Donaldson-Asbill  
BROWN Lonnie Boggs Sharon, abt 1900
BROWN Tom Felt  
BROWN Pamela Palmer
BROWN John R. Alstadt Lordstown, OH > West Salem Twp 1800- 1900
BROWN Karen B. Greenwood Isaiah Harvey 1827-67, m Nancy Syble Magee
BROWN Sarah Nesbeitt Greenville, 1803 and earlier
BROWN Judith Werden Johnson James P. Brown b. 1832
BROWN Rebecca Kerr Benjamin, from NY, m. Armina Cotton; Orlando Brown born 25 Sep 1837, m.  Mary Ann Luther
BROWN Jacqueline Emch Felix  
BROWN Donna Dee Connected to Miller and Ross
BROWN Evelyn Anderson Scotch-Irish, 1700-1800
BROWN Donna Jewell Horvath from Germany
BROWN Barb Webb
BROWNE Lonnie Boggs Sharon, abt 1900
BROWNLEE Jan Bailey Hart  
BROWNLLE Jan Bailey Hart  
BRUCE Bob Bowers  
BRUCE Frances Keller John FORREST, b. abt 1772 in Ireland, his wife Jane ORR.
Sons James FORREST and William FORREST b 1802 and his wife Mary HUTCHINSON, daughter of Jonathan HUTCHINSON of County Derry, Ireland, and their ancestors.
FAMILY OF George FORREST, b 1838, son of William FORREST, and the families of his wives, Mattie ROUSE, Nancy JONES and Margaret BRUCE. Coolspring Township, Mercer County.

BRUNSON Sandy Hawthorne  
BRUNTON Candace L. Millsop  
BUCHANAN Etta Miller  
BUCHANAN Victoria Cripps-Sauer  
BUCHANAN Candace L. Millsop Buchanan - Wirt Buchanan b 11/15/1856 m Isabelle Millsop b 1853. Children: Harriett, Agnes, Wirt, & Annie
BUCHANAN Jim Buchanan  
BUCHANAN Lynn Schneider William and Martha, early 1800s
BUCHANAN Joyce Peck  
BUCK Catherine Heintz McWhorter Mercer & Sharon
BUCKHAM Brenda Wayne  3/31/3023 New email addr needed for Brenda
BUCKIAS Cornelia Warner John William Reed m. Mary Buckias, children; Amanda, Susannah, James, Hannah, Mary Jane, Daniel, John, Samuel, and Melissa.
William Denniston m. Jane Stewart, children; Sarah, Andrew, John, Martha, James, Thomas, William, and Mary Amelia.

BUCKLEY Janice Davis  
BUDD Edward W. Hoagland  
BUDD R. L. Hoover Sarah
BUHL Margie Myers  
BULFON Melissa Kosto Grove City, Worth Twp abt 1918+
BULFONE Melissa Kosto Grove City, Worth Twp abt 1918+
BULFONI Melissa Kosto Grove City, Worth Twp abt 1918+
BUMGARTNER Lucy Peterson Connected to the Dean family
BURDETT Gerald Coulter  
BURDETTE Norris Burdette  
BURGER Terry Woodson Burger Sharon, Wheatland, Sharpsville, West Middlesex
BURNS Joan Oeck  
BURNS Tyrella Pringle Thomas Burns, Whitfield Troy, James & Mary Morrow, William Morrow
BURNS Pamela L. Palmer West Salem Twp
BURNS Candace L. Millsop Burns - Robert Burns m Jenette Millsop b 11/8/1853. Children: David, Anna, Mable & Josephine.
BURNS Jeri Johnson Francis/Frank abt 1860
BURNSIDE Beverly Carter Francis M. GLASS b 1851 Mercer Co. h/o Frances I. BURNSIDE b 1859 Lawrence Co. His parents were Jacob and Sarah Ann FURY GLASS(E). Her parents were James and Catherine HOWE BURNSIDE. Their dtr, Clara GLASS SHOWALTER, is my grandmother.
BURR Carol B. Groover Harriet Angeline G. Burr b 1827
BURT Tammy Donaldson  
BUSH Chris Mahood Barbara, Otter Creek, m. James Moyer
BUSHNELL Arlene N. May Orangeville
BUTCHERS David Miller
(Need new email addr for Mr. Miller)
GRUTE, George m Susan BUTCHERS
of children John William GRUTE m Sarah Matilda HAZEN,
Ida Elizabeth GRUTE m OSBORNE, Lillie GRUTE m STALLSMITH, Laura GRUTE m CAMPBELL, Lottie GRUTE m BELL, Mary Jane GRUTE m Fredrick Theodore PETERSON
George and Susan lived in Cochranton till their death. any help would be greatly appreciated
Looking for descendants.
BUTLER Earl Menary Jonathan W. Butler was married to Nancy Dunlap they lived near Mercer in Mercer Co. He was a farmer and sometime before 1877 he moved to Spragueville Ia. My info tells me Nancy Dunlap Butler died before Jonathan Butler moved to Iowa. They had two daughters Nancy and Elizabeth that were born and raised in Pa.
BUTLER Donna Stahlman Orangeville
BUTLER Tonia Eli, Sandy Lake, abt 1840-56 1856> Hamilton Co., Iowa
BUTLER Doris Butler Lawrence The time frame is about 1869-1900. The Butler family still have descendants in the Mercer County area. The family came from Wales. Mr. Messach (aka) Messick Butler and wife Anna Thomas Butler arrived in U.S. in 1854. They settled in Schuylkill County first and migrated to Mercer Co. Their first three sons were also born in Wales. Gomer Butler lost his life in a mine explosion in the Mercer area. He was their third son. Their youngest was my grandfather, Messach (aka) as Harry M. Butler. Harry M. Butler settled in Donora, PA. first; then migrated to Youngstown, Ohio. Another son, named Edward Butler settled in Grove City, PA. I have sent family data and joined the Mercer Genealogy Society. 
BUTLER Nan Padgett  
BUXTON Bob McKeon  
BUXTONE Linda Rodgers Stoner  
BYCROFT Beverly Wagner Pardoe, Findley Twp, 1860-1885
BYERS Bob McKeon  
BYERS Jim and Betty Rust  
BYERS Tom Felt  
BYERS Carlos N. Olvera  
BYRNE Stephen Theiss  
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