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 Reference Material
History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania, Its Past and Present, 1888, 2 volumes

Lynne Nuibe
Brent Dean Morgan
Suzie Hawk
20th Century History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 1909
Has Vol 1 & surname index
Vol 1 & surname index
Robert Sutherland-Wedding
Volume 2
Suzie Hawk

Combination 1873 Atlas and 1877 History of Mercer County
Brent Dean Morgan
Mercer County, the Nineteenth Century and Before
Contains History of Mercer County, PA 1888 & the Mercer County Directory, 1898
Tom Felt
Mercer County, Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 1 - Deed Book 1
(4 Jul 1803 - 15 Mar 1806), Article Book A (4 Jul 1803 - 10 Sep 1814)
compiled by Mark S. Painter
Lynne Nuibe
Adam/Adams family of Kremis, Mercer County.  3 volume manuscript. Short lookupsBrent Dean Morgan

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