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July 1913


Submitted by Joanne Lloyd Long  

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bulletBeil and Westman Livery and Feed Stables
bulletCentral Auto Company
bulletCrill & M'Coy, Mercer
bulletDeForeest Pianos and Automobiles
bulletDeFrance Drug Store
bulletDennisons, Jamestown
bulletDevinne and Baskin Garage
bulletE. A. Turner Real Estate and Insurance Agency, Sharpsville
bulletEllis Werdenhamer Wallpaper, Greenville
bulletF.C. Roberts, Funeral Director
bulletFarmers and Merchant's Trust Company
bulletFirst National Bank, Grove City
bulletFirst National Bank, Sharon
bulletFirst National Bank, Sharon
bulletFirst National Bank, Sharpsville
bulletFrank G. Wengler, jeweler
bulletFruit-Ohl, Sharon
bulletGibson's Livery, Sharpsville
bulletGreenville Coal and Ice, 2nd ad,
bulletGrove City Garage
bulletH. A. Carr, General Merchandise, Jamestown
bulletHecker and Nelson, Greenville
bulletJ. D. Biggins and Sons, Inc, 2nd ad, 3rd ad
bulletJ. E. Davidson Plumbing Gas and Steamfittings, Farrell 2nd ad
bulletJ. H. Black & Sons furniture and undertaking
bulletJ.V. Davis & Co., Funeral Directors, Sharpsville
bulletJamestown Banking Co.
bulletJohn Fitzpatrick Real Estate and Insurance
bulletMathers Bros.
bulletMcMinnigle Bros livery
bulletMoore Bros Garage, page2
bulletMott Robertson, Sharon
bulletPackard Hardware Co., Greenville
bulletR. H. Miller Meats, Sharpsville
bulletR. S. Gribble, Tinner and Plumber
bulletReed & Rigby
bulletS.E. VanEman Livery and Boarding Stable
bulletSharon Savings & Trust
bulletSharpsville Flour Mill
bulletT.A. Houston Dry Goods, Mercer
bulletThe Telegraph, newspaper
bulletWarren R. Keck, grocer
bulletWeller Krouse Co.
bulletWier Brothers, Jamestown
bulletWike's Livery, Mercer
A-C  C-D  D-L  M-Z
A-B  B-C  C-G  G-L   L-M  M-R  S-W  W-Z
West Salem Township
A-C  C-Z
A-F  G-N  O-V  W-Z
A-D  D-M  M-U  W-Z
Grove City
A-B  C-F  G-M  M-S  S-Z
A-B  B-H  H-R  S-Z
Boyers, PA, Anandale Central
A-G  G-M  N-W  W-Z
Wesley (Grove City, Raymilton, Harrisville addresses)
A-E  F-L  L-S  S-Z
A  B-G  G-M  N-Z
Greene Township
A  B-W
Hartstown (Atlantic, Conneaut Lake addresses)

A-C  C-H  H-M  M-P  R-W

A-C  C-H  H-M  M-R  S-Z
Five Points  A-Z
Blacktown (Volant, Grove City, Mercer, Pardoe addresses)
A-C  C-K  L-O  O-T  U-Z
Sandy Lake  A-Z
A  B-D  E-M  M-R  R-W  W-Z
Stoneboro  A-Z
A-B  B-L  M-S  S-Z
West Middlesex
A-C  C-H  H-R  R-Z
East Shenango Township
A-M  M-Z
West Shenango Township A-Z
Lackawannock Township A-Z
Too Late to Classify Farrell, Greenville, Grove City, Jamestown, Greene Township, Mercer, Sharpsville, West Middlesex

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