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Wolf Creek Township 

After the creation of Mercer county in 1800, its first townships were not strictly defined civil divisions as now. The county, with the portion on the south which has since been given to Lawrence county, was divided roughly into four assessment districts. The east and west line extended, approximately, from the site of Sharon through Mercer to the east line of the county, and the north and south line bisected the other line at about the present site of Mercer. The southeast quarter thus formed was called Cool Spring township. But in 1802 this name was applied to a part of the northeast quarter of the county, and that part of the southeast quarter which is in the present limits of Mercer county was given the name Wolf Creek. At that time, then, Wolf Creek comprised the present townships of Wolf creek, Pine, Liberty, Springfield and Findley.

In 1805 the west side of Wolf Creek was made Springfield township, and from that year until 1851 the township of Wolf Creek had the area of the present townships of Wolf Creek, Pine and Liberty. The following account pertains to the Wolf Creek township with its present area.

One of the first settlers was John Montgomery, who in 1797 located two hundred acres on the head waters of Wolf creek. The Montgomery family, whose descendants are still in the county, settled here permanently about two years later, and about 1836 one of their number built a mill on Wolf creek and thus gave industrial distinction to that locality.

Samuel Waldron was the first settler (1799) at Centertown. The first grist mill in the township was built here in 1805, and Samuel O. Waldron, a son of the pioneer, operated a sawmill for a number of years.

David M. Waldron, the oldest living member of the family, still lives in Wolf Creek township.

Samuel Coleman, another of the first settlers, was killed during the raising of the timbers for the Waldron grist mill. Philip Hoon located in the southern part of the township west of Wolf creek, and some time previous to 1830 opened the first coal bank in the township and one of the first in the county. Other pioneers were Hugh and Samuel Gill, James Craig, Caleb Ball, and Alexander Riddle, who in the early thirties opened the first 

Wolf Creek


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Wolf Creek Township 

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store at Centertown. A postoffice was established at Centertown in January, 1840, was discontinued in July, 1842, re-established in December, 1843, and finally abolished with the advent of rural delivery.

The original township of Wolf Creek was the   recruiting ground of the Wolf Creek Rangers for the war of 1812, and that organization was maintained long afterward.

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