Sugar Grove Township 


Riley's Corners


About fifty years ago [about 1827], Cornelius Riley opened a tavern, at Riley’s Corners, on the road extending northward into Crawford, which was the first road in [Sugar Grove] township. This hotel was kept open for a number of years, until the death of its proprietor, who was killed between his house and Greenville. Co-temporary with the hotel a store was established by James Nesbit, near the present [1877] Nesbit residence. 


History of Mercer County, 1877, page 83




Cornelius Riley opened a tavern in the township many years ago. He was killed while on his way from home to Greenville.


History of Mercer County, 1888, page 603 


Riley's Corners

located in Sugar Grove Twp

If you're looking for your ancestors in Riley's Corners, try the Census for Salem Township for 1850  and Sugar Grove Township for 1870

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