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New Hamburg


New Hamburgh, on the left bank of the Shenango, west of the center of Delaware Township, is the metropolis of the township. It was laid out in 1838 by Peter Beil, on lands settled by Samuel Williamson as early as 1820. The growth of the place did not begin until 1840, when Peter Beil, George Kamerer and Eli George started the first store. The first tin-shop was started by Mr. George in 1838, on the first village lot sold. Daniel Hecker was the pioneer justice of the peace. The first shop and the first cabinet-shop were started in 1840, by Charles Cotterman and James Neihart, respectively. Not until 1842 did the first hotel make its appearance. New Hamburg has the usual line of stores and other business interests. For an inland village it has considerable business activity. .

History of Mercer County, 1888, page 521.

The village of New Hamburg has figured in the life history of many citizens of Mercer County. It is now [1909] a country place without even a postoffice, which was discontinued about a year ago. But at one time it was the commercial center of a considerable population, and its situation on the canal favored its growth and prosperity even to the point of rivaling some of the larger and older towns. Samuel Williamson was a settler at this place about 1820, and in 1838 Peter Beil laid out the village. This was during the building of the canal. Peter Beil, George Kamerer and Eli George were proprietors of the first store in 1840. ---------------------------------------

The first sawmill in Delaware township was constructed in 1823, by Samuel Williamson.  It stood on the bank of the rivulet that enters the Shenango at the site of New Hamburg.  The pioneer sawmill consisted, essentially, of a single upright saw, that was moved up and down by water power.  It was a number of years before the circular saw came into use. 

Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, pages 170-171, and pages 54-55..


New Hamburg

located in Delaware Township

Landowners Map of New Hamburg

from the 1873 Combined Atlas of Mercer County  

What the History of Mercer County 1877 says about New Hamburg

Postmasters - New Hamburg Post Office

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