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Mossmantown was at one time quite a flourishing hamlet, located near the northwest corner of the township. A post-office, called West Salem, was established at this point August 11, 1851, James W. Mossman, postmaster. The office existed until November 4, 1875, and nothing remains of this once busy little place to attest its former glory but the ruin of an old tannery. 

History of Mercer County, 1888, page 610

John Mossman came to this township in 1797 and about two years later a large family of that name were established here. The Mossmans have been active and prominent in each generation to the present time. On the Kinsman road, near the west line of the township, Mossmantown or West Salem postoffice was a small community that developed largely through the presence of this family. James W. Mossman was the postmaster when the postoffice was established in 1851, and the office remained in the keeping of the family during most of its existence. It was discontinued in 1875.  

Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 174

Landowners in and near Mossmantown, according to the 1873 Combination Atlas for Mercer County:  W. T. Phelan, Mrs. Mossman, L. Billig, W. H. Billig, Alex Hunter, James Richards, J. Foulk, William Mossman, and J. Mossman. The village also had a tannery, saw mill, and a school house.



located in West Salem Township

also known as 

West Salem Post Office

An account of John and William Herd Mossman settling Mossmantown in the early days of Mercer County, from the History of Mercer County, 1877  


Postmasters - West Salem Post Office at Mossmantown

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