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The only village in [French Creek] township is Milledgeville. It was laid out upon donation lot 1,063 in 1851, the land on which it stands being owned at the time by William U. Cooper, Andrew Williams and William Edeburn. The surveyor was John Farver. The first dwelling-house erected in it was owned by Arthur Scott. William McCabe built the first frame dwelling. 

History of Mercer County, 1888, page 553.


The settlement called Milledgeville was officially begun in 1851, when the plat was surveyed. One or two mills had been operated here some years before, and after the laying out of the village a congregation of the Christian denomination was organized (in 1852) and in 1858 the Milledgeville Presbyterian church. The Deer Creek Methodist church had been organized a little after 1840, and their house of worship was about a mile and a half from the village. The postoffice was established in August, 1839, under the name of Deer Creek, with William R. Cooper as postmaster. The name was changed to Milledgeville in 1852. Rural delivery brought about the abandonment of this office.  

Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page165 





Landowners in and near Milledgeville, from the 1873 Combined Atlas of Mercer County  



located in French Creek Township

Once known as

Deer Creek Post Office

What the History of Mercer County, 

1877, says about Milledgeville

Postmasters - Deer Creek/Milledgeville Post Office

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Churches in Milledgeville and French Creek Township in the 1800s




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