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Maysville, a small village near the center of West Salem township, is located a few miles west of Greenville, in the northwest corner of Mercer County.  


Maysville was a trading spot in the early 1800s, but it hasn't always been called Maysville.  Big Run, a stream that runs through the town was once known as Mays Creek.  The part of town on the west side of the creek was called Maysville; the part on the east side was called Maysdale.  The town was called Meadows for a time in the early 1900s, but the name reverted back to Maysville.


West Salem township's first gristmill was built in 1829 in Maysville by John Gravat.  It used water from Big Run.  The West Salem Baptist Church erected a building in 1840.  Thomas McMahan built a sawmill in 1846 and then built a steam-operated gristmill in 1848.   He ran the mill for 20 years.  It later burned down.  In 1877, Nimrod Burwell owned the land where the mill once stood. In 1873, John Russell built a cheese factory in Maysville, it burned down twice and was later replaced by one built by J. W. Woods.  


The post office was established in Maysville in 1852; it was discontinued in 1872.  An old map showed that six roads met at Maysville and the town had become a community center with a store, hotel and blacksmith shop, in addition to the cheese factory and the various mills on Big Run.  It was also a stagecoach stop between Warren, OH, and Franklin, PA.  The town had succession of early blacksmiths, including one identified only in records as Bittenbanner, a man who had the dubious distinction of having a wooden leg he carved from a log.

West Salem Grange No. 1607, a large white wooden building on South Maysville Road was erected about 80 years ago and is still in use.  A one-room brick school house was built in the in 1884 to serve the town was

closed in 1950 when the schools were consolidated as part of the Greenville Area School District.  

The building still remains on South Maysville Road, but has been converted into a residence.  

Maysville was laid out in an area of about one square mile.  Its population reached about 100 in the 1930s, but its probably less than half of that today.   It is the location of the West Salem Township Municipal Building and the West Salem Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Cheese-factory. - - The main employment of the inhabitants of the township is farming, and some attention has been paid, of late, to the dairy business.  In 1875, a cheese-factory was built by Morford & Clarke, at Maysville, and has received the general patronage of the surrounding country.  One had been erected
in the same place, two years before, but was burned in 1874.  There are reasons for believing that the present institution will prove successful, for, although the cheese manufacture in Western Pennsylvania is still in its infancy, the resources are far greater than in many regions where it has brought wealth to its inhabitants.

History of Mercer County, 1877, p. 85.



located in West Salem Township

once known as Maysdale 

and Meadows

What the History of Mercer County, 1888, says about Maysville   


Post-Offices. - - A post-office was established early in West Salem at Maysville, but [was] subsequently discontinued, and the inhabitants have depended mainly upon the [post] office at Greenville.

Postmasters - Maysville Post Office

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