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Irishtown was a small village about five miles east of Mercer near the line separating Findley and Wolf Creek Townships.

The first settlers came to Irishtown in the 1800s, many of them being of Irish descent from Washington County, PA. John Barnes was probably the first settler, building on a farm in Irishtown in 1807. John Galbreath, a teacher, suggested the name.

Children from Irishtown attended "The Bottom School" located in the valley between Irishtown and Pardoe.

Alexander McKay started his carriage business in Irishtown, but later moved to Grove City.

Irishtown was the site of one of the first post offices in Mercer County, and the first post office in the area.  It was established in 1851 and known as Pardoe Station, named for the larger coal mining community developing a mile to the west. In September 1873, the post office was renamed for the nearby thriving community of Pardoe.

Irishtown disappeared by the late 1800s.



located in Findley Township

Also known as Pardoe Station

If you're looking for your ancestors in Oakland, try the Census for Findley Twp

Irishtown  is a small village southeast of Pardoe, near the line separating Findley and Wolf Creek Townships. It was named Irishtown because the first settlers were Irish, the suggestion being made by John Galbreath. These settlers came to this region in 1803. Some of the near neighbors then were John Todd, John Patterson, Thomas Graham, John Richie, John Burnside, James Alexander, Matthew Alexander, John Hoge, James Bell, Thomas Paxton, Sr., Thomas Paxton, Jr., Joseph Scott, Hugh Evans, James Evans, James Long, James Craig, Peter Wilson, William Montgomery, James Montgomery, Samuel McChesney, Robert Allen, John Montgomery, John Allen, Thomas Barnes, John Barnes and others.

(Source: History of Mercer County, 1888, page 528)

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