Springfield Township 


The third village [in Springfield Township], Balm Post-office, or Blacktown as it is more familiarly known, was first populated by Henry Black, who erected a log dwelling and prepared to greet all new-corners. His brother Alexander shortly afterward followed. In 1845 James S. Black opened a small grocery. He was succeeded in this enterprise by William Gilmore, Black & Stewart, Black & Painter, and Alfred Painter. who is now the sole owner. In 1848 Christian Snyder opened the first hotel. Others have since acted as hosts, among them Adam Ketler, Henry Van Horn and James Stevenson. The school system dates its origin back to 1847, when the first educational institution was opened, the building being a small frame. In a list given elsewhere will be found the names of the officers of Springfield Township who held public trust up to 1831. Many familiar ones will be found among the number. The list illustrates who were in the early days sufficiently well versed in the dubious ways of politics to obtain preferment, and who, of those not distinctive politicians, were thought worthy of public honor by their fellow citizens. A list of postmasters is also given, as is a list of early tavern keepers. 


History of Mercer County, 1888, 

page 596



located in Springfield Township

Also Balm Post Office

What the History of Mercer County 1877 says about Blacktown

Blacktown founded by Adam Black and the Black Family


Postmasters - Balm Post Office - Blacktown

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