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Situated near the corner of Hickory, Shenango and Lackawannock Townships is the village of Bethel. It was incorporated as a borough May 22, 1872. Prior to that time there had existed a little village known as Sempletown, or Semple’s Mills. At the time of incorporation, however, a regular tract, taken from the three townships already mentioned, was laid out in the form of a rectangle.

The first settlement in the place was made in March, 1846, when S. S. Semple, its first resident, erected a small frame dwelling-house. His father, David Semple, had, some years previous, purchased the land from David Kitch, but had made no improvements.

In 1862 James McConnell and Thompson Hyde had erected a steam saw mill, which rapidly swept away the woods. In 1811 S. S. Semple erected a second mill, of grander proportions, which added much to the business of the village.

Semple, Thompson & Co. erected, in 1863, a large grist-mill, a three- story building with three sets of burrs, and intended mainly for custom work. it became a source of great interest and prosperity to the vicinity.

A store was also needed. This want was supplied in 1868 by S. S. Semple, the enterprising godfather of the place, who was ready to take hold of every enterprise. He erected the building subsequently used by T. J. Marshall & Co., and put in a stock of goods well adapted to the trade. It passed through various changes to accomplish its purpose as a permanent business of the place.  




located in Shenango Township

Also known as Sempletown, Semple's Mills & Wheeler Post Office

Landowners Map of Bethel from the 1873 Atlas of Mercer County

Postmasters - Wheeler Post Office in Bethel

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Near Bethel is the Bethel United Presbyterian Church Cemetery. The church has long since been torn down, but the cemetery's there

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