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    The Mercer County Home is situated north of Mercer. The principal buildings were erected about 1882-83, ground being first broken in 1880. The original cost of the building was over a hundred thousand dollars. The farm has been owned and used by the county for these purposes for more than half a century. The first poor farm was bought in 1851, and was also in Cool Spring township, The site was ill adapted, and the place was sold before buildings were completed. The present farm was bought of Thomas Pearson in May, 1852, and was made ready for its first resident poor in January, 1853.

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County,  1909, Vol. I, page 24

Poor Farm Directors
1851 - 1908
1851 - William F. Groves
1851    William F. Groves
             Enoch Perrine
             Samuel Woods
1852    Daniel Baird
             William Miller
1853    Berry McCoy
1854    Archibald Henderson
1855    William W. Pearson
1856    Robert Fruit
1857    John Kelley
1858    John W. McCullough
1859    Lewis Egbert
1860    Mark Graham
1861    Thomas Plamer
1862    John K. Roberts
1863    Richard J. Reznor
1864    Amos Taylor
1865    John R. Roberts
1866    Alex. McMillan
1867    Amos Taylor
1868    Archey Henderson
1869    James M. Conner
1870    A. C. Amberson
1871    Archey Henderson
1872    James M. Conner
1873    John Gamble
1874    John Harsha
1875    James M. Conner
1876    Oliver P. Caldwell
1877    M. Dawson Moore
1878    William Hazen
1879    E. C. Kemp
1880    R. R. King
1881    Abraham Black
1882    James Satterfield
1883    J. C. Campbell
1884    Imbrie Zuver
1885    Hugh Lachey


Mercer County Home

1886    Sylvester Reznor
1887    George Allen
1888    M. L. Alexander

1889    T. A. Robinson
1890    J. W. Hawthorne
1891    J. F. Hope
1892    Albert Porter
1893    B. S. Mowry
1894    James M. Montgomery
1895    H. D. Moses
1896    James Miller
1897    John Kelly
1898    H. D. Moses
1899    C. W. Titsler
1900    J. C. Canon
1901    Philip Gartz
1902    James A. McConnell
1903    J. H. Fyffe
1904    A. I. Baker
1905    J. T. Hoovler
1906    S. T. Bell
1907    A. I. Baker
1908    W. E. McIntyre
Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909; pgs 319-321

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