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New Lebanon 


Landowners in and near New Lebanon, according to the 1873 Combination Atlas for Mercer County:

Adam, J.

Adam, Miss Annie

Adam, T.

Adams, J. M.

Adams, Thos.

Blatt, A.

Booker, W.

Bowl, W.

Brenneman, Rev.

Carringer, M. E.

Colmer, T.

Dean, A.

Dean, Mrs. M.

Dean, W.

Douglass, A. C.

Farver, R. C.

Farver's heirs


Gibson, J.

Grove, I.


Leech, Jas. A.

Mason, P.

McCormack, Dr.

McElviney, J. McElwaine, J.

Mook, D.

Moore, E.

Moore, E. Jr.

Muse, P.

Muse, P. K.

Peters, J.

Redman, F. R.

Reed, A.

Reed, W.

Remley, J.

Robb, J.

Rupert, E.

Smith, C.

Smith, Rev.

Sterling, A.

Whitman's Heirs

Wolford Heirs

J. Peters Store

Union Hotel 

United Brethern Church

Lutheran Church

M. E. Church

Two blacksmith shops

Two stores

Tannery, south of town

More New Lebanon 

Early Schools in New Lebanon

McElwain Institute

Postmasters -New Lebanon Post Office


Daniel Brunner

A. C. Grove

J. Addison DeFrance

John B. De France

Daniel Bruner's Woolen Mill

Daniel Bruner's home


Wilson and Mary Dean

Henry Dean

    New Lebanon Cemetery

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