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Borough of Farrell

Farrell, once known as South Sharon became a borough in the early 1900s and a city in 1932.
Borough of Farrell Becomes a City 1932

The student of ancient history will find in his study of the achievements of the early Greeks that the glory of the old city of Athens was due to its great leaders. People of Farrell can easily understand this, for it has been under the direction of progressive leaders that Farrell has advanced to a third class city from a straggling cluster of homes and business houses within a period of thirty years.

The year of 1932 will be an especially memorable one in the history of Farrell, for it was on January 3, 1932 that the Borough of Farrell ceased to exist and Farrell, the third class city, became a reality. The move, coming as it did during trying economic conditions, was further evidence that the city's leaders were building firmly for the future.

It would be unfair to give major credit to any individual or group of individuals for Farrell’s rapid advance. The third class city classification has been the dream and goal of Farrell’s public officials since the borough was incorporated.

However, it was under the unselfish guidance of a borough administration composed of Clyde Scowden, burgess; Andrew Stefanak, Andrew Wilson, George Davis, John Balach, George Renshaw, Anthony Pintar, Nick Santell, Andrew Bobby and Carl Lubbe, councilmen, and Joseph Cantelupe, treasurer, that the final steps were taken.

These men realized that old political lines would be broken down by the provisions of the third class city code, but they gladly took the step in the interest of the community.

When the voters went to the polls to name a new administration, Joseph Franek, a resident of the borough for many years and an ardent worker in behalf of the community, was named mayor. Councilmen chosen were all of established repute in some line of endeavor who, time after time, had proved that they had the best interests of the community at heart. They are: Lewis Levine, Michael Nevant, Harry Gerber, and John Krauss. John Kaliney was named city controller. Joseph Cantelupe was returned as city treasurer.

Since taking office the new administration has acted with the same wisdom and forethought as their predecessors and the continued progress of Farrell as a third class city is assured.

                                             --William J. Thomas

Source:  The 1932 Reflector, Farrell High School yearbook

City of Farrell Logo
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The logo was designed by Howard Horton, Farrell High School Class of 1932.
Source: The 1932 Reflector, Farrell High School yearbook

Source: The 1932 Reflector, Farrell High School yearbook

City of Farrell Officials

The first City of Farrell Officials - Mayor Joseph Franek, John Kaliney, Michael Nevant, Harry Gerber, Lewis Levine, Joseph Cantelupe and John Krauss.  [Note:  Names are in no specific order and one of the men is missing from the photo.]

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