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**MISSING 11 Aug. 1819 – 24 April 1821

**Published by Ellis LEWIS – Tuesday Publication

1 May 1821

William WILSON to Miss Sarah TALLMAN, both of this place, on Thursday last by Rev. John THOMAS

John BENJAMIN, died in Harrisburg on Saturday the 14th ult., after a long spell of sickness, aged 46 years, 9 months and 19 days. He had been elected sergeant at arms, to the house of representatives, for a number of years.

Charles BIDDLE Esq., died in Philadelphia on the 4th ult., aged 76 years

William FINDLAY, Esq., died at his seat in Unity Twp., Westmoreland Co., on the 5th ult., aged 80 years

**MISSING 8 May 1821 – 26 June 1821

3 July 1821

Notice – Payments to the estate of Philip HENRY, dec’d, requested. Jacob BASTIAN and George DUITCH, admin

Chesney WHITE, died on Thursday last, of Pine Creek Twp.

William F. BUYERS, former editor of this "Gazette", and subsequently of the "Sunbury Times", died on Wednesday morning last, in Sunbury, in the 40th year of his age. He has left an amiable wife and two children.

**MISSING 10 July 1821 – 17 July 1821

23 July 1821 - No Paper

**Published by Tunison CORYELL – Tuesday Publication

31 July 1821

Notice – Payments to the estate of William HEPBURN, dec’d, requested. Books will be kept at the store of Samuel HEPBURN, Williamsport, for that purpose. Robert MC’CLURE, Saml. HEPBURN, Wm. HEPBURN and Jas. HEPBURN, executors

Accounts of Administration will be presented in Orphan’s Court in Sept:

William ELLIS, late of Muncy Twp. – Thomas LIGHTFOOT and Jesse HAINES, exec.

Michael ROSS, late of Loyalsock Twp. – James H. HULING, admin.

John BROWN, late of Washington Twp. – James HAMMOND, exec.

Elijah COLLINS, late of Muncy Twp. – Jonathan COLLINS, exec.

7 Aug. 1821 - No Paper

14 Aug. 1821 - No Paper

21 Aug. 1821 - No Paper

27 Aug. 1821 - No Paper

4 Sept. 1821

Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Seely HULING, died on Sunday last, in this place.

11 Sept. 1821

Mrs. Harriet DUNCAN, died at Selinsgrove on Sunday the 2nd Sept., in the 36th year of her age

18 Sept. 1821 - No Paper

25 Sept. 1821

Benjamin BAIRD to Miss Rachael POORMAN, both of Dunstable Twp., on Thursday last by Washington DUNN, Esq.

Mrs. Sarah, consort of William H. SMILEY, died at her residence in Washington Twp., on 12th inst. Her remains were interred the following day.

2 Oct. 1821

Mrs. John SNYDER, Esq., died on the 19th ult., at Selinsgrove

William BELL, died at his residence in Mifflin Co., on Tuesday the 4th ult., aged 47 years

Col. Thomas BEALE, High Sheriff of Mifflin Co., died on Thursday the 6th ult., at his residence in Mifflin.

The following all died in Allegheny Twp., and belonged to the same family – all died of Dysentery

Mrs. Agnes, wife of Robert RALSTON Esq., died on the 13th ult.

Joseph, son of Daniel HENDERSON, died on the 13th ult.

Alexander, son of Daniel HENDER, died on the 15th

Robert RALSTON, Esq., died on 15th

Mrs. Isabella, consort of Adam HENDERSON, died on the 18th

Matthew, son of James RALSTON, died on the 19th ("Westmoreland Republican")

Rev. Uriah DU BOIS, died on the 10th ult., at his residence in Doylestown, Bucks Co., after a lingering illness of 2 years, in the 54th year of his age, leaving a widow and 8 children

William Smith FINDLEY, Esq., died on the 2nd ult., at America, Illinois, of the prevailing fever, aged 27 years. He was the eldest son of the late Governor of PA

Joseph A. MC’AMSY?, died on the 21st ult., at Harrisburg. He was chief clerk of the Senate.

9 Oct. 1821

Thomas M KIBBEN to Miss Mary BOWEN, both of Lycoming Twp., on Tuesday last, by Rev. N. R. SNOWDEN

Samuel CROOKS to Miss Christena BARGER, on Thursday the 4th inst., by Washington DUNN, Esq.

William HAYS, died at his residence in Lycoming Twp., on Thursday last, aged 34 years. He was a very industrious and excellent farmer, and in the relations of citizen, neighbor, child and brother, he acquitted himself with great propriety and was respected by all who knew him.

William PETRIKEN, Esq., died on Tuesday morning last, at his residence in Bellefonte, Centre Co., in the 60th year of his age. [See 20 Nov. 1821]

16 Oct. 1821

John HAYS, Esq., of Lycoming Twp., died in this Borough on Tuesday evening last, aged 58 years, formerly Sheriff of Lycoming Co. and for a number of years an Elder of the Lycoming Congregation. He has left a wife and only son. On the day following his remains were deposited in the burial of this place.

Frederick RIEBMOYER, died on Saturday last, in this Borough, aged 35 years. He was a shoemaker, but a few years from Germany

On the 6th inst., at his country residence near Germantown, the venerable commodore MURRAY, the senior officer of the Navy of the US

George HELMBOLD, Esq., died in Philadelphia on the evening of the 28th ult, aged 48 years. He was printer and editor of the "Independent Balance".

George PRICE, died in Lancaster on the morning of the 4th inst., aged 29 years. Printer and Editor of the "Free Press".

Election Results

23 Oct. 1821

Notice – Payments to the estate of John HAYS, late of Lycoming Twp., requested. Thomas HAYS and John HAYS, admin.

Joseph HOLLAWAY, of Selinsgrove to Miss Susan HAWK, of Lycoming Twp., on Sunday last, by William JOHNSON, Esq.

Henry SMITH, of Cerestown, MC’Kean Co., to Miss Clarissa, daughter of Col. Levi GEORGE, of New Hampshire, by Renselear WRIGHT, Esq.

30 Oct. 1821

Accounts of Administration will be presented in Orphan’s Court in December:

David HANNAH, dec’d – John HANNAH and Nathaniel HANNAH, exec.

James CUMMINGS, dec’d – John CUMMINGS, Jr., admin.

Jacob YOUNG, dec’d – Jacob YOUNG, exec.

6 Nov. 1821

Account of Administration will be presented in Orphan’s Court in December:

Enoch BLACKWELL, dec’d – John BLACKWELL, exec.

Joseph B. ANTHONY, Esq., to Miss Catharine GRAFIUS, both of this Borough, on Thursday last, by Rev. N. R. SNOWDEN

Joshua MESSEREAU, of Washington, Lancaster Co. and formerly of Steuben Co., NY, died on Thursday the 25th inst., in this Borough

Cornelius COURSON, died at his residence in Loyalsock Twp., on Wednesday last, aged about 46 years. On the following day his remains were interred in the burial ground of this Borough. He left a wife and several children. He had resided in this vicinity for a number of hears.

Miss Mary HOLLINGSWORTH, of Muncy Twp., died at Northumberland on Thursday morning last, in the 23rd year of her age. On the day following her remains were interred in the Friend’s burial ground at Muncy.

Mrs. SMILEY, died yesterday in Lycoming Twp., at an advanced age

13 Nov. 1821

Peter WHELAND to Miss Elizabeth daughter of Benjamin PIDCOCK, Esq., all of Hepburn Twp., on Sunday last, by Richard HAYS, Esq.

The Weather – For several days past, scarcely a clear sky has been seen at this place; clouds have been hovering over us; torrents of rain, hail and snow, have descended. The west branch of the Susquehanna has risen to its usual height. The appearance of our white mountains manifests the approaching winter.

20 Nov. 1821

Notice – Payments to the estate of James BENNET, late of Nippenose Twp., dec’d are requested by Dec. 14th – George BENNETT and Wingrove BENNETT

James MERREL, Esq., of New Berlin, Union Co. to Miss Mary, daughter of the late Jas. HEPBURN, of Northumberland, on Tuesday last, by Rev. HOOD

Jacob HALL to Miss Margaret MACEY, both of Lycoming Twp., on the 25th ult., by Richard HAYS, Esq.

27 Nov. 1821

Alexander STEWART, of Nippenose Twp. to Miss Matilda HEPBURN, of Loyalsock Twp., on Tuesday last, by Rev. LENHART

Conrad BECKLEY to Miss Irnstina MIFFLIN, both of Block-house settlement, on Thursday last, by Richard HAYS, Esq. [note there is a space before her first name – is some letter missing?]

Abraham HEARTLEY to Miss Elizabeth WISE, both of Washington Twp., on Thursday 1st, by Rev. ABELE

Capt. Ezra LEE, died at Lyme, CT on the 29th ult., a revolutionary officer, aged 72 years (large obit.)

4 Dec. 1821

Joseph TITUS to Miss Sarah CALDWELL, both of this place, on Sunday last, by A. WOODWARD, Esq.

John CALVERT, died in this Borough on Thursday 1st, aged 35 years

Fire – On Thursday 1st, the distillery of Thomas CALDWELL, of Lycoming Twp., was consumed by fire, together with sixteen barrels of whiskey and about 3000 pounds of pork. His loss is estimated at $1000.

11 Dec. 1821

Mr. HEISTER had appointed Henry WELLES, Esq., of Bradford Co., one of his aids

Henry FESLER to Miss Margaret WEAVER, both of Lycoming Twp., on Sunday the 2nd inst., by Richard HAYS, Esq.

Mrs. Margaret VANDERBELT, died in this Borough on Thursday last, aged 28 years, after a lingering illness of 16 months.

18 Dec. 1821

3 Cents Reward – Runaway from the subscriber, on the 26th ult., an apprentice to the blacksmith Business, named John PHILIPS, about 20 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, clothing not particularly recollected. The above reward will be given if brought back, but no charges paid. Christian SAEGER, Washington Twp.

25 Dec. 1821

David FINK to Miss Elizabeth MURRAY, both of Lycoming Twp., on Sunday last, by Richard HAYS, Esq.

Notice – Payments to the estate of William HAYS, of Lycoming Twp., deceased, are requested by 1st March next. Isaiah HAYS, Squire HAYS, Benjamin HAYS, admin.

Notice – Payments to the estate of Hugh WHITE, dec’d, late of Pine Creek Twp., are requested on 4th and 5th Jan. next. Charlotte WHITE, William WHITE, Hugh WHITE, John F. MC’CORMICK, admin.

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