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1843 History of Indiana County, Pennsylvania [Source: Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania, by Sherman Day, Philadelphia, 1843, Page 374-379 — Contributed by Nancy Piper]. Short history from 1766 to 1843 from Indiana County section of the Genealogy Trails Web site - this is an external link


First Hanging in Indiana

The Last Johnstown Flood Survivor Dies

Dental Records from Ebensburg with Indiana County ties


Lines written on the occasion of the meeting of the five sons and two daughters of Samuel Stephens, Esq., (one of the first settlers of Indiana County) at their mother's grave in Mechanicsburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, after a separation of nearly half a century. Meeting was held June 1, 1868. Names of the children present: JOHN STEPHENS, BENJAMIN STEHPENS, ABEDNEGO STEPHENS, WILLIAM S. STEPHENS, JOSEPH STEPHENS, JANE STEPHENS and REBECCA STEPHENS.

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