Submittedby Sara Richardson Kelly
Obits - MatildaRadcliff Wade
Pub. November10, 1904, Waynesburg Republican

Mrs.Matilda Wade, wife of E. L. Wade, of Jolleytown, this county, diedsuddenly on the morning of Oct. 22, 1904. She had risen in perfecthealth and was engaged in milking a cow when an attack of heart troublecaused her instant death. Near her was Master George Phillips, son ofRev. O. C. Phillips, who was the only person witnessing the sorrowfuloccurrence. Mrs. Wade was a daughter of R. S. Radcliff, of Reedsville,W.Va., and had been united in marriage thirty-two years, during whichperiod she and her husband had resided in Jolleytown. She was a kindand loving wife and mother and a noble christian woman. The church haslost a member of sterling worth. Besdie her sorrowing husband threechildren, Mrs. Jean Richardson and Clara and Willie Wade are left tomourn her departure. The funeral was held on Sunday, Oct. 23, servicesbeing conducted by Revs. Phillips and Hammond.